About the Hillcrest Camera Club

Hillcrest Camera Club

  • What HCC is and what it is not

The club is a gathering of people who love photography, love to hang out with other photographers, and who are dedicated to improving both their own and others’ pictures.

The more experienced members are always willing to offer a helping hand, and there are regular demonstrations of photographic techniques.

The skills of members do advance over time (sometimes in leaps and bounds), but the club is not a quick-fix solution for people who want to learn to use their cameras in the shortest possible time. These people would be much better off doing a short photographic course (also offered by one of our members) or by getting a good book on the subject.

And then joining the club, of course.

First monthly meeting

  • This is held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm. We have a speaker, workshop or a demonstration.

Second monthly meeting

  • We look at, and discuss members’ pictures. Pictures are discussed on a friendly and informal basis and THERE IS NO COMPETITION so nobody needs to stress about showing their pictures. There are no star gradings as you find in other clubs. Just a lot of fun.
  • Photo Submissions - Bring one each of the set subject, the outing, creative, and open. We also have a Troubleshooting category for those wanting help. -There is a limit of four entries per member per meeting.
  • Please email your photos to hillcrestcameraclub@gmail.com ahead of the deadline.
  • Please label your submissions according to the category Set Subject, Outing, Creative, Troubleshooting or Open.


  • We go on at least one photographic outing every month.
  • It is generally on a Saturday or Sunday morning, but that does vary.


  • Members receive monthly e-mail notices about forthcoming events and full details are also posted on our Facebook page.