2nd Meeting 20 July, and Summerveld

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Sunday, July 18, 2010 Under: Meetings
Two things:
1) A reminder about our outing to Summerveld on 17 July 2010. We will meet at the car park any time from 5h30am-6h00am and will have breakfast at the nearby club when we've had enough photography. Directions to get there are as follows:
Drive out of Hillcrest along Kassier Road, cross the N3, and pass the t/o to Shongweni Dam. Take the Summerveld t/o and go up the road a bit. You’ll go through a set of gates and, soon after that, you’ll see a not-very-obvious turn off to the left through the trees (if you go under a bridge, you’ve gone too far) follow that road and park in the car park.
2) The next meeting will be held at the Hillcrest Sports Club at 7pm on 20 July, 2010, and is very important because we have got to the stage where we really need a proper committee. The idea is NOT to pick a couple of people and give them all the work but, instead, to share things out so that everyone only has a little bit to do. You are urged not to do the usual 'club' thing and avoid the meeting like the plague. We'll chat and have a few drinks and it should even be fun. We can take the club on into the future as a valuable resource for us all, but only if everyone pulls together. Ideas will most welcome but actions are also needed

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