April 2011 Outing - Durban Bay House

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Saturday, April 16, 2011
Hillcrest Camera Club

1. April 2011 Outing - Durban Bay House

Hi all

Our monthly outing is on Sunday morning to Durban Bay House (333 Smith Street) for an early morning sunrise shoot. Durban Bay House is the second tallest building in Durban, so expect some spectacular views. Thanks Garry Bodil for allowing us access to the roof  for a great outing. As Garry is leaving Old Mutual, this will be our last opportunity to make use of his generosity and gain access to this magnificent view. Thank you Garry!

To tempt you - a view of Durban City under a majestic morning sunrise. Taken this week by Vanessa Cracknell.

Details about the venue:
We will take the lift up to the 30th floor, and walk up one floor to the roof.
The roof is a split level, with a steel staircase leading from the lower to the higher levels.
Both levels offer good views.
There is a 360 degree view. (Pano shots are a must!)
There is a chest high wall around the edge, and for those that are scared of heights, there are areas where you can stand away from the side and still get good views.
We will have use of clean toilet facilities on the 30th floor.

Please note:
- As with the other building shoot, we are all warned that because of the height of the building, this is a dangerous shoot. Please behave responsibility and ensure that you take care.
- We will be high up (over 30 floors) - if you have a problem with heights, please take that into consideration.
- Wear takkies and jeans, we may have to step over or under aircon pipes. Bring a jacket to keep you warm.
- Bring your tripod and a small torch to cope with the predawn darkness. The sun rises at 6.15am, so it will be dark for at least 30 minutes.
- Should the weather be bad,  a decision to cancel will be made at 5am, on the building.  Don't think because its raining in Hillcrest, that it is raining in Durban!

Meetup Details:
Date: Sun 17 April 2011
Time: 5:00am
Meetup venue: Meet in Smith Street, outside the entrance to the Old Mutual Parking. This is where we will park our cars.(Those who took part in last year's outing will know this entrance) After we have parked our cars, we will walk across the road to the Durban Bay House building. It is diagonally across from the Old Mutual Building.
Directions: Drive up West Street (Dr Pixley Kaseme Street), turn right into Gardiner Street (Dorothy Nyembe Street), turn right again into Smith Street (Anton Lembede Street). The parking is on the right hand side of Smith Street. Look out for Garry, or other club members.
We will go as a group, and leave as a group, so please be prepared to stay the length of the outing.

Bring flasks of coffee or tea to keep you warm while up on the building. Bring extra to share around.
For those who are keen, we will go for breakfast or a hot cup of coffee after the shoot. Venue to be decided at the outing.

The mornings are becoming more spectacular as winter approaches, so don't miss this outing!!

See you on Sunday!

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