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April 2011 Outing - Durban Bay House

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Saturday, April 16, 2011,
Hillcrest Camera Club

1. April 2011 Outing - Durban Bay House

Hi all

Our monthly outing is on Sunday morning to Durban Bay House (333 Smith Street) for an early morning sunrise shoot. Durban Bay House is the second tallest building in Durban, so expect some spectacular views. Thanks Garry Bodil for allowing us access to the roof  for a great outing. As Garry is leaving Old Mutual, this will be our last opportunity to make use of his generosity and gain access to this magnificent view. T...

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Feedback from the Painting With Light Workshop!

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Thursday, April 7, 2011, In : Feedback 
Feedback from all at the workshop, and from emails indicate we all had a fun time and certainly learnt alot! Despite the rain and cold weather, we all had enormous fun trying to get our shots of the palm trees next to the tennis courts.

Andrew Roos's photo of club members attempting to get their 'paint with light' shots.  

The Trees by Vanessa Cracknell

We discovered that there was great fun to be had painting with a tiny hand held light. Thanks to Harry for providing the 'paintings' and to the...

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Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 05 April 2011

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Thursday, April 7, 2011, In : Meetings 

Hillcrest Camera Club

1. Painting with Light Workshop

On Tuesday night Harry will be hosting our first workshop evening. He will be showing us a technique called 'Painting with Light'. This is a technique which uses an open shutter and a continuous light source to achieve an exposure. It can be used to photograph stationary objects, from small items in a table-top set up, to buildings or other large structures.
There will be a short explanation of the technique, and then the fun will start ...

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