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Outing Saturday 26 May 2012

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Thursday, May 24, 2012, In : Outings 

Hi everyone

Outing May: Sunset shoot at Umhlanga Pier and Lighthouse

Photos: Anton Botha

Our outing will be on Saturday, the 26th of May to the Umhlanga Pier and Lighthouse where you will be able to capture great sunset photos and once it becomes dark, you can photograph the surreal blue lights on the pier. Also see what effect slow shutter speeds will have on the waves.

Photo shooting tips:

1. Use your tripod to stabilise your camera, especially when the light fades.
2. For ...

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FEEDBACK - Beginner's Outing - Makaranga May 2012

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Monday, May 21, 2012, In : Feedback 
The first outing fro beginner's was held at Makaranga Garden Lodge on a sunny Saterday afternoon in May 2012. Beginner members were given instruction on APERTURE, and taught how to set up their cameras. They were given a  chance to shoot in the gardens, guided by the club members giving instruction. It was an extremely successful outing, and was enjoyed by all!

Gordon gives out the notes and assigns the groups.


Beginner HCC members recieving info on APERTURE.

Jo and Erica

Alison and Andrew.


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FEEDBACK - Light Workshop - 3 March 2012

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Monday, May 21, 2012, In : Feedback 
We held a workshop on LIGHTING. There were four displays set up, to demonstrate different lighting effects. Members were able to photograph each set up and test out their camera settings. 

Harry Lock and Pierre Retief gave instruction on the different techniques available. 

Pierre demonstarting how to use lightboxes.

Charmaine gets her shot of the ring in the lightbox.
Liz and Yvonne take their shots, while Pierre helps Michelle.
Examples of the lighting effects achieved:
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Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 22 May 2012

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Sunday, May 20, 2012, In : Meetings 

We have our photo sharing session coming up and we can't wait to see your photos so start submitting! We also want the members that attended the Beginner's Outing to submit their photos from the outing to see what you have learned.

Read on for more info.

1. Photo Sharing

Please ensure that you change the filenames of your photos as specified below. It will prevent them from being placed in the wrong categories.

Here is what you need to submit:
1. Open
Outing (Haunted H...

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