August Meeting 2011

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1. Speakers 

This month we have arranged for two speakers to come and talk at the meeting.

Carl Smorenburg
Carl Smorenburg is a landscape photographer based in Kloof and he has been capturing spectacular images for the last five years. By combining good photography with the different tools available in Photoshop, he has taken his images to new heights. He will showcase some of his work and has kindly agreed to show us how he uses Luminosity Masks in Photoshop. What is a Luminosity Mask, how to create one and what will it do to your photos. He will then demo an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image using Luminosity Masks to create a natural looking image.

Check out his Blog at Carl Smorenburg Photography.

Your camera is lying at the bottom of the ocean, it is in a million pieces on the floor, or one day it just doesn't want to switch on!! Hopefully this will never happen to you and the only reason you want to buy a new camera is because you want to upgrade from your current model. Robin, from Fuji, will be telling us about what you need to consider when investing in your next camera. This can be an agonising procedure so don't miss this.

2. Set Subject: Against the Light - Backlighting
(to be shown at second meeting, 16 August 2011)

This is a photographic technique whereby you light your subject from behind. Therefore the photographer faces the light and the subject is in the middle. This can create a glow or halo effect around the edges of the subject while the other areas remain darker.

Try different angles of backlighting, because you can create lens flare if the light shines past your subject. Please avoid only shooting silhouettes to challenge you and to learn this technique through experimentation.

This technique must not be confused with background lighting which illuminates objects in the background.

3. Outing: Tala Game Reserve

Our outing for August will be to Tala Game Reserve for an early morning shoot.

Date: 28 August 2011
Time: 06:00am

More details to follow.


See you at 7PM, Tuesday 02 August!

Photo Project:

Create Your Own Language: Follow in the footsteps of the painter Stephan T. Johnson (see Alphabet City, ISBN 978-0-14055-904-0) and shoot every letter from A-Z as it occurs naturally in your surroundings. When you are done, use your new alphabet to spell 'photography'

Make An Entrance: Emotions run high when people are making an entrance or exit, whether it's an actor on stage or a bride entering a wedding arch. Train your lens on doors, and you are sure to catch the action as it unfolds.

From Black+White Photography, October 2010

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