August Meeting - 3 Aug 2010

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Hi All

We have a fantastic speaker lined up for this month's meeting! There will be an announcement about the format change of the club meetings, as well as details given about the new website. The new committee will be introduced to us all. Be sure to be at the meeting!



Sean, based in Durban, is one of South Africa's foremost fashion and beauty photographers. His client list boasts some of the biggest names in the fashion business.  He will be showing a selection of his work and will be happy to answer any questions. He shoots in and around Durban, and some of his venues will be familiar to us!

See more of Sean's work on 


Outing - 21 Aug 2010 - African Bird of Prey Sanctuary


The African Bird of Prey Sanctuary is dedicated to the conservation of indigenous raptors and is the base to ongoing research, breeding and rehabilitation projects for birds of prey. The majority of these projects run ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure that the integrity of the wild birds is not compromised, and that a high release success rate is achieved. The sanctuary is, however, also home to a wide selection of captive-bred or ‘non-releasable rehabilitation’ birds. These raptors can be viewed in their ‘micro-environment’ enclosures by anyone who wishes to visit and learn about South Africa’s magnificent aerial predators.

More info :     031 785 2981 or cell 082 925 3023
We will meet between 9h30-10h00, take some photos of the birds, and then will proceed to the bird show at 10h30. The Vulture Feeding is at 12pm, so we will  continue taking photos in between. There is a restaurant for something to eat either before or after the shows.

Date: 21 Aug 2010
Time: 9h30 - 10h00
Bird Show: 10h30                              
Vulture Feeding: 12pm



 Set Subject for September
"We Own The Night" - The movie is about the conflict between a gangster brother and his police brother and father, set in New York. For our purposes, this set subject can be interpreted as night photography, or street photography, or whatever you want it to be. Be creative, and stretch your imagination!

See you all at the meeting!


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