Change of Venue Due to Load Shedding

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Monday, March 2, 2015 Under: Meetings


Hillcrest Camera Club - Meeting Venue Change Due to Load Shedding

Hi all

Venue Change for meeting

Tues 3rd Feb 2015, 7pm. 

Due to load shedding the meeting venue has been changed. Please meet at the Hillcrest Villagers Running Club. This is the club next to the sports club where we normally meet. Their entrance gates are to the right of the sport's club entrance gates. 

Enter and park to the right of the soccer fields. The meeting will be held in the running club's recreation room. 

To recap - meet at Hillcrest Villagers Running Club. Crooked Lane, off Old Main Road. NEXT TO the sports club where we usually meet. Meeting is at 7pm. 

See you tonight!   

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