David Weeks - Studio Orientation

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Wednesday, September 15, 2010
David Weeks - Studio Orientation
Wednesday 22nd Sept , 6PM
Hi all
This is a fantastic opportunity for Hillcrest Camera Club members to see how a studio works, as demonstrated by photographer David Weeks.
There will be a 'bring and share' cheese and wine at the beginning of the evening, providing us with a chance to relax and get to know David. He will then proceed with the orientation, and demonstration of how the studio works. It will be well worth seeing how much we can benefit by being able to have access to this fantastic facility. See below for more details.
Please RSVP by 5PM, Thursday 16 Sept. Numbers are limited to 30 people - so its first come, first served! Should we have more than 30 people interested, David will do a second orientation.   
Don't sleep on it & don't procrastinate!!!!!!
Remember, only those members that go through the orientation with David will be allowed to use the studio.
David is providing red and white wine, and some snacks.
Please bring your own drinks, if you don't want to drink wine, and a plate of eats to share.
See you there!

Orientation , studio training and cheese and wine evening.

18:15 - 19:00       Cheese and wine 
19:15 - 19:40       Welcome followed with a presentation and Studio orientation layout.
19:40 - 20:30       Some live shooting, covering portraiture, cut lighting, soft lighting, product, shoots,
20:30 - 21:00       While we are preparing the images, there will be a Herbalife shake party, presented by Laurice Young               
21:10 - 21:40       Presentation of Studio work done with explanations.
For security reasons, please do not bring any camera's for this evening - this is orientation only with a display of what you can achieve.

Studio bookings and Photographic Courses by David Weeks.

Studio Hire is normally R500.00 per hour - should you belong to Hillcrest Camera Club, you may book Studio for R350.0 /hour.
This will include David setting your basic lighting up for your typical family shoot.

Should you require or want to experiment with advanced lighting techniques, a further R150.00 / hr is charged. 
- David will stay with you during your shoot.
- He will move lights around, and backdrops, and bring in alternate lighting equipment ie. Snoots, barndoors, honeycombs, soft boxes, diffusers, and reflectors and colour gel filters.
- He will give guidance to perfect the technique you are trying to achieve, by using the correct equipment at the right time.

The Studio is a brilliant opportunity for you to boost your photographic skills, to create a great portfolio, and have your clients cover your costs of tutoring.

David Weeks
0825306170  0317654443
Unit 7 Builders Way Centre
Builders Way Road
(Directions: Old Main Road. At Shell Garage turn into Stonewall Road. Left into Builders Way Road. Builders Way Centre. Parking available on premises.)

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