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February 2011 Outing - PHOTO CIRCUIT ON THE DURBAN PEOPLE MOVER          

 The next outing will be a Photo Circuit on Saturday, 5th February. We are going to take a ride on the People Mover bus, through Durban and take photos of subjects specified by Harry and Allan. These photos will then be submitted at the Feb 2nd meeting, (15th Feb) as you will have enough time to process and print them out.


People Mover Website: http://www.durbanpeoplemover.co.za/day_route.html#Scene_1 

Date: Sat 5 Feb 2011
Times: The whole day.
Morning session - check with Gordon for arrangements
Afternoon session - Meet at 1PM at Pirates Parking
Meetup afterwards - Suncoast Casino, when the last photo is taken. Time TBA.

 A few guidelines:

- You have to shoot ALL the categories.
- If you don't know what the subject is, Google it, search on Wikipedia or go to the library. Research first.
- Shoot judiciously. Don't snap away - choose carefully. Compose carefully. Plan your route.
- Have fun and be safe!

To produce 9 Jumbo prints, ONE of each category.
To stick on poster board for viewing at the 15th Feb meeting. No digital submissions, as there will be too many photos to view individually.

- Study the routes of the People Mover. A bus comes every 15 minutes. Decide where you want to stop off, and what kind of photo you will take for which category.
ROUTES: http://www.durbanpeoplemover.co.za/day_route.html#Scene_1  
- Hop off the bus, walk around, take the shot. Get back on the bus and move to the next stop.
- Buy a day pass, so that you can get off and on the bus as many times as you want. Day Pass - R15 (this is according to the website info, it could be more)
- Be aware that the ambient light changes, and that some light is more flattering than others.

Subjects - Categories

1. At the beachfront. Anything you see, but must be along the beachfront. Sand, palm tree, hotel, person, pathway, sea. (Watch the light.)
2. Animal and vegetable.
3. From the Bus - Drive By Shooting
4. A Taste of Durban
5. Art Deco Building. If you don't know where they are, or what they look like - Google Durban Art Deco.
6. Heritage - Yours, Mine, Theirs.
7. A Statue
8. Posters, stickers, graffiti
9. "Me, in Durban" - a self portrait.


You are welcome to shoot the whole day, as long as it on Saturday 5 Feb 2011. Some members are meeting at 1PM at Pirates parking, for an afternoon session. If you wish to meet up at in the morning, please make arrangements accordingly.
There will be a meetup afterwards at Suncoast Casino, possibly at Mugg and Bean. Time to be advised, but it should be around 5PM, but could be later, if the light is good and the photo opportunities are still available!

Safety and security.
Please be aware of being in Durban city, and be cautious. However, if you are vigilant and keep moving, you should be OK.
We are not going to keep a roster, as you are free to do what you want. However, if you are with a group, please let someone know if you are going home. If you run into problems, please contact one the following:
Gordon - 083 771 4242
Harry - 082 576 0199
Allan J - 082 588 2151
Vanessa - 083 679 4716
Anton - 084 509 2024

Please print out this email as your instructions.

See you on Saturday!

Durban People Mover website.


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