FEEDBACK - Beginner's Outing - Makaranga May 2012

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Monday, May 21, 2012 Under: Feedback
The first outing fro beginner's was held at Makaranga Garden Lodge on a sunny Saterday afternoon in May 2012. Beginner members were given instruction on APERTURE, and taught how to set up their cameras. They were given a  chance to shoot in the gardens, guided by the club members giving instruction. It was an extremely successful outing, and was enjoyed by all!

Gordon gives out the notes and assigns the groups.


Beginner HCC members recieving info on APERTURE.

Jo and Erica

Alison and Andrew.

Allen with his 'students', Liz, Colleen, and Colleen. 


Leigh getting her shot of the day!

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