Hillcrest Camera Club - Meeting - 04 June 2013

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  Hi everyone

1. Speaker: Liz Cartwright - Glaciers, Garlic and Gasping

It is a great privilege for us to announce that one of our members, Liz Cartwright, will talk to us on Tuesday. She was part of a group that undertook an epic journey to Everest Base Camp and managed to capture some great images along the way. She has published a book documenting their journey.

So come along and experience the journey with her!


2. Set Subject: Fast Food - Using Depth of Field

Food photography is a difficult, but rewarding genre, but there has been a trend whereby people take snapshots of their takeaway and post it on-line. This time we want you to take a great photo of your fast food and use depth of field to focus on your subject and get rid of anything that might distract from it.

You can play around with your settings and composition and even create an advert that you would see in a magazine! So search for ideas on the internet and see what creative photos you can come up with that are better than the normal snapshots.

3. Outing: Shongweni Dam (late afternoon)

We haven't been to Shongweni Dam for a while and thought it would be great going there again. We will be there for a late afternoon shoot to capture the sunset and the lights on the dam wall.

We will give you more details closer to the time...

4. PhotoComment Magazine

PhotoComment is a local photography magazine that has been going since 2009. You can pick them up for free from certain outlets and is a great source of information. Check out their website here and you can now also download their app from the Apple and Android Stores for free and download the magazines to your phone or tablet.

Have a look now for some great content!!!


See you on Tuesday, 04 June 2013 at 7pm!


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