Hillcrest Camera Club - Meeting - 4th March 2014

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Hi everyone

We have a great meeting lined up for you on Tuesday.

1. Explore Black and White Photography

Talk - We continue with our journey into shooting for Black and White. Andrew Roos, an HCC member who is passionate about B&W, speaks to us about this dramatic and effective genre of photography, and his interest in it. Be inspired by his words, and the information he has to impart.

Practical Demo - Vanessa Cracknell will show how to shoot in B&W, and also how to work in Photoshop to convert colour images into B&W, and to get the best out of your images.



2. Outing 
We are hoping to shoot again at SeaWorld, but this time we will have extended time to shoot. We will however be shooting after hours, so part of the time we have normal light, and once the sun has set, there will be illumination from the exterior spot lights on the tanks.

Many members agreed that more time was needed to master this challenging venue. For the most part as many of the tanks are artificially lit, shooting after hours is not a problem.

We will confirm the shooting details closer to the time. For now the details are provisional, and could change.
Date: 29 March 2014
Time: 5.00 - 8pm

Details to be confirmed!!!


3. Durban Land Sea Air Festival

"The hottest aviation event in South Africa". This is promising to be a fantastic event to attend, never mind shoot! There are three days of action, and the event is free.
Dates: 21-23 March
Where: North Beach, Durban

4. Presentation by Matthew Willman - "90 Minutes with Madiba"

Matthew Willman spoke at our club a few years ago. His passion for photography was strongly evident, as was his passion about his interaction with Nelson Mandela. Matthew presents a talk "90 Minutes with Madiba". It is sure to be poignant and worth attending.

Wed 26 March 2014
St John's D.S.G School Theatre
R20 pp.
RSVP is essential



See you on Tuesday 4th March 2014 at 7pm!  


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