Hillcrest Camera Club - Meeting - Tuesday 06 August 2013

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Hi everyone

Apologies for the late email! We had last minute admin hiccups affecting the promptness of this notice going out.

We have a colourful month ahead of us! Terry Haywood is our speaker, and he promises to be an entertaining and colourful speaker. The set subject is colour in photography.


1. Speaker:  Terry Haywood

Terry Haywood is a seasoned press photographer who has been shooting for over 35 years. He has photographed for many papers and publications, The Mercury being the paper he served the longest. Terry has won numerous photographic awards over that 35-year career.

He has photographed political milestones for every party in the country; covered the wars in Angola and the former South West Africa (now Namibia). He has caught on camera international heads of state including former British prime ministers Maggie Thatcher and Tony Blair, former US president Jimmy Carter, former SA president Nelson Mandela, British Queen Elizabeth II and her son Prince Charles, and former US deputy president Al Gore.

He has covered fashion, sports events across the board, including The Dusi Canoe Marathon, The Midmar Mile, cricket, world title fight boxing matches, World Cup Rugby games, World Cup Cricket matches and yachting regattas.

He has also taken copious aerial photographs.

Terry promises to be an extremely informative and entertaining photographer, giving us an insight into his life as a photo journalist.


2. Set Subject: 

Colour in Photography

The set subject is Colour in Photography, and how colour can be used effectively in images. It’s a technical set subject, making use of the colour wheel. This set subject is a study in colour, and to see which two complimentary colours go together, which work well together, and why. Complimentary colours are usually on opposite sides of the colour wheel.

Yellow and purple                                                    Orange and blue


Green and red 

Members will be required to study the colour wheel and to compose according to the two complimentary colours. Only the two colours should show, whether in an abstract manner, or in a normal manner. The rest of the colours in the composition should be minimal, or none at all. The use of the two complimentary colours should show how effective it is to combine colours, and to use colour for composition, instead of form or structure. 

Google "Colour Wheel" for more information, or check out the Wiki page

3. Outing: Rocky Bay Beach


Photos by Anton Botha

Sunday 1st Sept, Star Trails & Milky Way, and Sunrise at Rocky Bay beach
For SUNRISE – meet at 5.30am.
For Milky Way and star trails – meet at 4am.
We are shooting at a favourite of the Hillcrest Camera Club’s – Rocky Bay beach. We hope to get a beautiful sunrise, fishermen catching fish, or taking out their boats, and the usual beach shots in the warm Winter sun.

As an addition this year, we would like to try capture the Milky Way and do star trails! There is an area beyond the caravan park that is suitable for this kind of photography.

For those shooting the Milky Way and star trails, there will be an extremely early start – 4am. This will allow for complete darkness, and excellent Milky Way shooting! For those wanting to shoot the sunrise, be there by 5.30am. The sun rises at 6.20am.

Photos by Anton Botha

See you on Tuesday, 06 August 2013 at 7pm!  




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