Hillcrest Camera Club - Meeting - Tuesday 3 Sept 2013

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Hi everyone

A few weeks ago we asked you to put forward your requests for info or subjects that you wished to be discussed.  We are attempting to address all the requests, starting with a practical workshop this Tuesday.
Bring your cameras and tripods! 


1. "What's Your Passion?"
A Photography and Photoshop Workshop - with Demos and Practicals 


A dynamic workshop presentation, given by members of Hillcrest Camera Club, each speaking about their passions in photography and photoshop. Not to be missed!
  • Live demo on Macro photography - shooting flowers - Allan Gosher. Bring your cameras and tripods, you will be taking photos.
  • Live demo on Photoshop technique - how to add a texture overlay to a photo, eg. adding a tattoo to skin - Vanessa Cracknell
  • Camera Basics - Aperture, Shutter, ISO - talk by Andre Du Toit
  • Understanding the Visual Language of Photography - talk by Harry Lock
  • - "An instructive and inspirational talk on the visual elements of picture making lavishly illustrated with examples and peppered with anecdotes and advice gathered form a three decade long affair with photography."


2. Set Subject: Fire and Ice

This is a creative set subject - interpret is as you wish!
Take it literally, and shoot actual fire and ice.
Take it figuratively, and illustrate the elements, of which Fire and Ice are two.
Or you can illustrate Ying and Yang.
Or shoot orange and blue.
You can shoot either fire and ice, or just fire, or just ice.

 All images courtesy of Photographic Platform on Facebook

3. Outing: Emmanuel Cathedral

Date: Sat 21 September 2013
Time:  2.30pm - 4pm

  The beautiful Emmanuel Cathedral is  part of Durban's landscape, tucked rather snuggly into Cathedral Street against the prominent flyover of the N3 highway just as it descends into the centre of town and the dual streets of Pine and Dr A B Xuma – one up and one down. Hard to believe that when the cathedral was built over 100 years ago that it lay in the tranquil outskirts of town. 

The Roman Catholic Emmanuel Cathedral is an incredibly beautiful building, designed by South African architect Street Wilson, its cross carved out of Carrara marble all the way from Italy, a gift from the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III of France. No amount of noise and hustle could detract from the sheer magnificence of the architectural features. It makes for fantastic photo moments and is one of a handful of religious buildings in the city that inspire. 



See you on Tuesday, 3 September 2013 at 7pm! 



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