Hillcrest Camera Club - Meeting with Kevin Tarr - Tues 4th Nov 2014 @ 7pm

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Hi all

1.  Speaker - Kevin Tarr - Beauty Dish Demo and Workshop
Durban photographer Kevin Tarr will bespeaking at the club on Tuesday. He has promised to give a dynamic and interactive demo and workshop. He will be showing us how to make a beauty dish, and how to use it. He will also show how to use a professional beauty dish. 

This is a PRACTICAL WORKSHOP, and should you wish to take part, please bring your camera. 
We will need members to 'model' for us, so that we have people to shoot. 


What is a beauty dish? - Wkipedia says - "A beauty dish is a photographic lighting device that uses a parabolic reflector to distribute light towards a focal point. The light created is between that of a direct flash and a softbox, giving the image a wrapped, contrasted look, which adds a more dramatic effect."

2. Worldwide Photo Walk DURBAN - Winning Photo Announced!

Congrats to Allan Gosher who won Best Photo of the Durban Photowalk! Good luck to Allan, as he now competes in the international photo competition! 

3. Outing - New Germany Nature Reserve

We are having an early morning start, in order to take advantage of the birds being active. The other animals in the reserve will also be more active at this time. We will be able to shoot the birds in the aviary, and then go on a hike around the reserve. There are two dams, one which has a hide. 

We will have a picnic breakfast at the main picnic site situated next to the aviary. Bring your coffee and tea, and a breakfast picnic! 

Date: Sunday 23 November 2014
Time: 7am - +- 10.30am
Venue: New Germany Nature Reserve


See you at the meeting Tuesday 4th November 2014 @ 7pm!

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