Hillcrest Camera Club - Outing - City Walk and Shoot - Sat 13 Aug 2016

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Hi everyone

 1. Outing – Durban City Walk and Shoot 

Street Photography – the aim is to move about the city, absorbing the architecture, the streets and the life in the streets, and to photograph what appeals to you. 

This Saturday afternoon we will be shooting in Durban city.  This is an opportunity to walk around the city centre and take photos.  There are ample photographic opportunities. 
An added bonus will be having Louis Kleynhans joining us for the shoot. 
We will be transporting ourselves around the city using the “People Mover” buses. We will meet at Suncoast Casino bus stop, and proceed from there. (The bus stop is at Pirates Lifesaver parking lot.)
There is a Photo Exhibition on at the Durban Art Gallery, which we can go and look at. The Art Gallery itself is awesome to shoot, as well. 
After the outing, there is a possibility of us all having dinner at Suncoast Casino. 



•    Meet at Suncoast Casino, at 2pm, at the Pirates Lifesaving parking lot. The parking lot is next to the Hotel side of the casino, and faces the beach. It is free to park there. 
•    Meet at the BUS STOP at Pirates Lifesaving Club parking. We will aim to catch the bus by 2.15pm.
We will board the ‘beach’ bus, which will take us to West Street interchange, where we will hop off, and hop on to the ‘city’ bus. 
•    From there, we will move down to the city centre, getting off at the Playhouse. (+-2.45/3pm)   
•    For those that are interested, we will go to the Durban Art Gallery, and have a quick look at the Photo Exhibition. 
•    We will proceed to shoot around the city centre, city hall, into the market area. 
•    Once we are finished shooting, (+- 4.30pm) we will catch a city bus from West Street, exchange buses at the top of West Street, and proceed back to Suncoast. 
•    We should be finished by 5.00pm or 5.30pm. 

Join the Whatsapp Group.  Add Vanessa to your list of contacts (076 091 9825), and ask to be added to the group. 

Walk and Shoot etiquette:
- Respect the people of the city.  Respect that they might not want you to photograph them. If you see they are uncomfortable, move on. Don’t force them to pose, or to smile. If someone offers to have you photograph them, then you can take the shot. This is NOT a chance to shoot portraits all the people in the city.  
- Try not to crowd a shot.  If other camera club members are shooting a scene that you want to shoot, wait a bit, and shoot after they’ve moved on. 
- Shoot ‘light’. One camera, one lens. Don’t bring all your equipment. 
- Bring enough cash to pay for the bus trip, and maybe a cold drink. Do not bring wallets and handbags.  Bring your cash in small notes and coins. 
- There will be a lot of walking, possibly three hours. Wear comfortable clothes, and good walking shoes or takkies. Bring water. If you don’t think that you can manage a long walk, make arrangements to park your car in the city. 

List of Objects/Topics to shoot.
To add interest to the outing, we have devised a list of things to shoot. Sometimes it can be overwhelming shooting where there is so much to see, and your ‘photographic eye’ becomes over powered. By concentrating your focus, you can start to see details that you may have missed. (Note: This is not obligatory, but can be fun, and is useful in helping focus your ‘eye’.)
•    Looking up.  (The buildings, clouds, birds.)
•    Me, in the city. (A self portrait of you, reflected in shop fronts, sunglasses, or whatever you see.)
•    Photograph your name. (Spell out your name, in letters) 
•    Intersection. (Can be a traffic intersection, or an intersection of people, or objects)
•    “Left behind”. (Tell a story.)
•    Sexy number, door handle or door knob. (Makes you look for the finer details. You define what ‘sexy’ means…) 

2. Photo Sharing – Tuesday 16th August 2016 at 7pm

Please join us for our monthly photo sharing meeting. The set subject is “Still Life for a commercial or advert”. 


See you at the outing on Sat 13th August 2016 at 2pm.

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