Hillcrest Camera Club - Outing Details - Sat 26 March 2011

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Friday, March 25, 2011

Hillcrest Camera Club

1. March 2011 Outing - uSHAKA PIER

Hi all


Our monthly outing is this Saturday. Please note that due to safety considerations we have
changed the venue of the outing. The Millenium Bridge and Gateway area proved not be suitable for a group outing.

Instead, we will be heading off to the pier at uShaka where the new Moyo is situated. Once there we will have an abundance of photographic opportunities. Sunset and night shots of the pier, the ocean, the people, as well as city and sea scapes.

We wish everyone a great time!!

Meetup Details:
Date: Sat 26 March 2011
Time: 5:30pm
Meet at the uShaka Pier

Ushaka Pier by Anton Botha

A few guidelines:
- This will be a late afternoon/evening shoot so bring along your tripod.
- Use slow shutter speeds to capture the movement of the ocean or people walking past.
- Increase your ISO settings if you want to freeze movement in low light, but be aware of noise in your photos.
- Once the streetlights and city lights come on, set your aperture to around F16 to create a star effect around lights.
- If you are having a hard time with your settings, then ask a fellow club member for advice. We are here to share and learn from each other.
- Try to concentrate on a specific subject or a specific type of photo. This will help to hone your skills.
- Keep your lens clean from the sea spray and keep your camera out of the water.
- Have fun and enjoy taking photos!!!

2. First Club Meeting Tuesday, 05 April 2011

This is just a quick reminder that the first club meeting in April will be a Painting with Light Workshop. Get your powerful flashlights, flashguns and maybe some coloured clear wrap ready for the evening. Tripods, fully charged batteries, flashlights and your cameras are essential to participate in the workshop.

It's going to be great, so start preparing!!

See you on Saturday!

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