Hillcrest Camera Club - Outing -Embassy Building - 27 August 2016

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Hi everyone
 1. Outing – Rooftop shoot on Embassy Building


At the meeting on Tuesday, we announced that we have been offered the chance to access the roof of the Embassy Building, to do a sunset and evening shoot. We will get the chance to photograph the city from very high above, both as the sun sets and also later on when the street lights provide a dazzling display. 
It is a great opportunity to see and photography Durban from a different perspective!
The numbers are limited. Some members have already indicated that they are keen to go, but we have two spaces available.

Please email if you are keen to be added to the list. First come, first served. 


Here is more info regarding the shoot:
Meetup Details:
Date: Sat 27th Aug 2016
Time: 15h45
Meetup: Meet at the entrance to the Embassy Building, accessed from the parking. 
Park: There is limited parking available in the building. 
We will all enter and exit together. No early pass-outs, unless it is an emergency. We will possibly finish by 7.30pm.
Shooting Details:
There is a huge variety of shooting opportunities. Both landscape, and street scenes as well as night photography.
Bring a wide angle, and a tele lens.
Tripods are essential.
Bring a remote shutter release, for the night shooting.
Bring your “Painting with Light” LED’s, and any other lights, should you wish to spins some orbs.
Spark orbs, using steel wool, is not allowed due to the fire hazard. Sparklers are allowed. 
Snacks and drinks:
There will be a brief lull between the sunset, and the time when it gets dark enough to do night shooting. We want to take advantage of this time, for some socialising, and snacking and drinking. We usually get peckish, and in the past have said we wished we had brought something to eat and drink! Please bring something to nibble on, and a drink. Alcoholic drinks are allowed (But not to excess -we have to keep the shoot safe!) 
There is parking available inside the building, behind booms, guarded by the security guards of the Embassy building. Access is from  Samora Michel Street (Aliwal Road).  We are welcome to use this parking, however the space is limited. If we all brought our own cars, there wouldn't be enough space for everyone. Could I ask you to please arrange lifts, or to be dropped off, to reduce the amount of cars. That way we will all be able to park safely. Once the parking lot is full, there is parking available on the street.  
Access to the parking entrance is from Samora Michel Street (Aliwal Road). This is a two way road, running from Margaret Mncadi Road (Victoria Embankment) to  Dr Pixley Kiseme Rd (West Street). Beware of the one way roads, they can make things confusing. 
Directions, once in the city:
From the N3, continue straight onto Dr A B Xuma St (signs for Dr A B Xuma Street)
Turn right onto Soldiers Way
Continue onto Dorothy Nyembe St.
Turn left onto Dr Pixley Kaseme St
Turn right onto Samora Machel St 
Join the Whatsapp Group for HCC Outings.  Add Vanessa to your list of contacts (076 091 9825), and ask to be added to the group. 


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