Hillcrest Camera Club - Outing - Springside Nature Reserve - Sat 24 Sept 2016

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hi all

1. Outing - Springside Nature Reserve - Sat 24th Sept 2016

Here are the details for Saturday's outing. Please stick to your times, and be considerate about being on Dave's property. 

We are entering the north side of the reserve, via Dave's property, near to Inanda Road.
Please note: We will not be entering at the main entrance. 

Address: 3A Park Close, off Springside Road.

Approaching from Old Main Road:
From Old Main Road, turn into Stonewall Rd. 
Turn left onto Springside Rd.
Travel for 1.8 km.
Turn right onto Park Close. 
3A is on the left side of the circle. 

Approaching from Inanda Road:
After the traffic lights at the intersection of Hillside, Westriding and Inanda Road, 
Turn right onto Ridge Rd, for 300 m.
Slight right onto Springside Rd. 750 m
Turn left onto Park Close.
3A is on the left side of the circle.


  • Dave's driveway is a long pan-handle, so we don’t want the new group arriving and blocking in the previous group.
  • Dave has space for about six to seven cars in his property. First come, first served.
  • Once the parking is full, you will need to park on the street, in the cul de sac. There is an area in the centre of the cul de sac, where you could park. However, there is a high concrete pavement that needs to be cleared. Perhaps all the bakkies and 4X4 vehicles, with high clearance, could park in the street, in the circle? Judge for yourselves when you get there. 
  • Each group is encouraged to wrap up and move their cars about 15 or 20 mins before the next group arrives. This will give you a good 2 hours at the frogging site, with enough time to walk there & back.
  • If you want to carry on exploring, you are welcome to drive round to the entrance side of Springside NR and explore from there.You can access the reserve from the normal entrance, where there is ample parking. 


  • Bring your camera, and appropriate lenses. 
  • Tripods are not essential, if you can shoot hand held. 
  • Reflectors - could be silver baking dishes, or pieces of tin foil, small enough to slip behind plants. Normal reflectors might be too big, but bring anyway. 
  • Spray bottle with water, for hydrating the frogs, as well as cleaning them, if  they land in the mud. 
  • Bring shooting aids - clips for harnessing plants and grass, backdrops.

Dave says that it might be muddy where we will be shooting, specially if it rains today and tomorrow. He suggests wearing slops, or takkies that you dont mind getting dirty.
Be prepared for a muddy and wet environment, and dress accordingly.  
Bring water, and wear hats if its hot. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Please keep to your times. We have a full house, with 36 people shooting, so please be considerate to other people in the reserve, as well as to Dave and his family. 

If there are any changes to the arrangements, look out for messages on the Whatsapp group. (Vanessa -0760919825).



See you at the outing, Sat 24th Sept 2016.

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