Hillcrest Camera Club - Photo Sharing - Robbie Aspeling Judging - July 2015

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Hi everyone

UPDATE! Robbie Aspeling will be judging our photos. Take advantage of the opportunity to have Robbie look and comment on your photos. Please submit your photos! Get a different perspective and viewpoint on your month's work. 

1. Photo Sharing 

Categories :
Outing - Summerveld

Set Subject - Water - Close Up

How to submit your photos:

  • Please submit your photos by email to: hillcrestcameraclub@gmail.com or bring 8x10 prints.
  • Email submission closes 12pm (midday) Tues 21st July  2015.
  • You can submit four photos in total for either/or  Set Subject, Outing, Open or Creativity categories. One image only for set subject. 
  • New Size - Minimum of 1920 x1080 pixels. (This is the full HD size.)
  • Format - Jpeg or Tiff
  • File names - the file name of each photo must follow this format:  Your Name & Surname - Category -Title of Photo. In addition, please state your camera settings - Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure Compensation, ISO, focal length in the title. For the Creative Category, please state what edits you did, eg. Photoshop Elements 10, Vignetting, added Overlay, saturated colour.
  • e.g.  Bob Smith - Outing - Mushroom - f2.8, 160th of a sec, ISO100, focal length 50mm.
  • You can write all of this in the file title, it allows for a long title!!!
  • Please make the subject line of email submissions "May 2015 photo submissions".

Please EMAIL your photos. Although we will accept memory stick downloads at the meeting, we would prefer to only have EMAILED submissions in future.

2. Set Subject : Water - Close Up

The SET SUBJECT for July is "Water - Close Up". 

  • Get close to water, and shoot it in detail.
  • No long range, or distant views of water - get close up and capture the minute details of water!
  • Splashes, droplets, bubbles, swirls.
  • See the patterns created in being close up to water in motion!
  • Use soda water or air pumps to create bubbles in water.
  • Photograph the rain, but get close up to the splashes or puddles!



3. Outing - Point Precinct - Sat 25th July 2015

We will walk around the Point , and view the new developments and buildings going up. We hope to  have a conservationist architect come and talk with us, and give us some insight into the developments of the area.  

After the Point walk, you are welcome to shoot the sun setting over the city. Shoot either from the beach, or from the harbour pier. 

Date: Sat 25th July 2015.
Time: 2.30pm - 4pm
Sunset - 4pm - 5pm

Meet at the end of Point Road (Mahatma Ghandi Road) at the water pump site. 


4. Giant's Castle Vulture Hide Booking available - 14th Aug 2015

Karl Du Preez asks: "I have a Giant's Castle Vulture Hide booking for Friday 14th Aug 2015. I cant make it on that date, and would like to offer it to others in the club. " Contact Karl on 083 280 1606, for more information. 

See you all at the meeting - Tues 21st July @ 6pm!

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