Hillcrest Camera Club - Photo Sharing - Tues 19th July 2016 at 7pm

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Hi everyone

1. Photo Sharing 

Please join us for our Photo Sharing meeting. 

You can submit your photos under the following categories: 

Outing - Brighton Beach and Anstey's Beach, Bluff

Set Subject - Black and white

How to submit your photos:

  • Please submit your photos by email to: hillcrestcameraclub@gmail.com or bring 8x10 prints.
  • Email submission closes MIDNIGHT Monday 18 July 2016.
  • You can submit four photos in total for either/or  Set Subject, Outing, Open or Creativity categories. One image only for set subject. 
  • Size - Minimum of 1920 x1080 pixels. Try make the image be larger than 1MB.
  • Format - Jpeg
  • File names - the file name of each photo must follow this format:  Your Name & Surname - Category -Title of Photo. In addition, please state your camera settings - Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure Compensation, ISO, focal length in the title. For the Creative Category, please state what edits you did, eg. Photoshop Elements 10, Vignetting, added Overlay, saturated colour.
  • e.g.  Bob Smith - Outing - Mushroom - f2.8, 160th of a sec, ISO100, focal length 50mm.
  • You can write all of this in the file title, it allows for a long title!!!
  • Please make the subject line of email submissions "July 2016 photo submissions".

Please EMAIL your photos.  Only submit your photos on memory stick as a last resort. Please honour the deadline time. 

2. Set  Subject :  Black and white

Be bold, be daring! Try something new. Be sure to make your Black and White image be dramatic and bold. 


3. Feedback from the Saturday Session held Sat 16th July 2016

We had a large crowd of eager learners, with 20 people gathered around lheir laptops. It was an eye opener seeing Harry demonstrate how to create a composite image. It was felt that a more intensive workshop on Composites was needed, and Harry and Vanessa will look into setting something up for this. 

Thank you to everyone who attended, and for your participation and attention! All bodes well for future sessions! 


4. Outing - Monteseel

From Old Main Road, take the right turn into Carl Street. This is ahead of the main Monteseel turn off. 
Continue up Carl Street, cross Michigan Street, into Annette Avenue.
Turn right at Rosemarie Avenue. 
Proceed to the area where the Fig Tree is found. There are some wooden poles and a wooden fence at the entrance. 
  • Dress warmly. Be prepared for wet feet, as the grass gets covered in dew. 
  • Warning: We are going to be in a 'high danger' area, where the sheer drop of the cliffs is kilometres. Be aware of where you are walking, and how close you get to the edge.
  • If you are unsteady on your feet, rather stay back from the edge, until you can see it properly.
  • The first part of the shoot will be in the dark, so you wont see anything. Bring a torch.

 5. August Outing - Date Change 

Exciting news! Louis Kleynhans, our guest speaker this month, will be joining us for our  August outing! We will be shooting in Durban city, using the People Mover to move around. 

Louis will be travelling to Vietnam on the weekend of our outing, so we have decided to move the outing forward to accommodate Louis. It will be incredible to have a photo-journalist, with such a keen eye, be able to shoot with us! 

New outing date: Sat 13th August 2016. 
Time to be decided, but it is an afternoon shoot. 
See you all at the meeting - Tues19th July 2016 @ 7pm

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