Hillcrest Camera Club - Photo Sharing - Tues 20th Feb 2018

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Hi everyone

Please join us for our first official photo sharing of the year. 

1. Photo Sharing - Tues 20th February 2018

Please submit your photos by email to: hillcrestcameraclub@gmail.com.

Email submission closes MIDNIGHT Monday 19th February 2018.
You can submit three photos. Categories: Set Subject, Open, Creative and Troubleshooting. No outing oics, as we didnt go on an outing in January. 
Size - Minimum of 1920 x1080 pixels, or bigger. Try make the image be larger than 1MB.
Format - Jpeg
File names - the file name of each photo must follow this format: 
Your Name & Surname - Category -Title of Photo.
In addition, please state your camera settings - Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure Compensation, ISO, focal length in the title.
e.g.  Bob Smith - Outing - Mushroom - f2.8, 160th of a sec, ISO100, focal length 50mm.
You can write all of this in the file title, it allows for a long title!!!
Please make the subject line of email submissions "Feb 2018 photo submissions".
Please EMAIL your photos.  Only submit your photos on memory stick as a last resort. Please honour the deadline time. 

2. The Grand Competition 2018 

We are running this competition again this year. The purpose is to encourage full participation in shooting for the set subject. Most of the topics are challenging and require some technical effort. By taking part and being challenged every month, members should see an improvement in their photography. 

We are dividing the year into two sessions: 
Session 1 - Feb to June
Session 2 - July to Nov

You are invited to take part by submitting your set subject photos. Ideally, your photos should be taken in the month before the Photo Sharing of the set subject, after the briefing at the meeting. You can also shoot ahead of time, using the guidelines given in the set subject list. Images must be from 2018 (Jan - Nov). The point is to shoot for the set subject, with intent and purpose. Trying to fit and old photo into a new set subject is usually not successful. 

The list of set subjects with a description, is also on the 


  1. February - Pick a Set Subject - multiple set subjects, you choose one for the month
  2. March -  Dog's Eye View, or the Worm's View. Low perspective, wide angle, from the bottom up. 
  3.  April - Diptych. Two photos tell a story. Using two images, side by side, tell a story. You will be required to conceptualise and create two images that together tell a story, or depict one topic. Two separate images, placed side by side. 
  4.  May - Circles. Photograph any type or kind of circle, multiples or single. Explore the shape and form, within nature or in an abstract form. Use your imagination. 
  5.  June - Create from the kitchen. Still life scene created from anything in the kitchen. From realistic to the abstract, use food, fruit, appliances, utensils to make up a scene. Can only be a kitchen scene. Can be realistic, or abstract. 
  6. July- Minimalism. Explore the compositional power of negative space, and what you can create when the subject is placed in a area of space. 
  7. August - In The Style Of. Explore the style and techniques of other photographers. Choose one photographer, and attempt to shoot in the style of that person. 
  8. September -Boundries. Fences, walls, gates. Show where they lead, what they contain. Use the compositional tool of leading lines to add strength to the image. Or illustrate what is being contained within the boundry.  
  9. October -Bent, broken and busted. No people. Can be buildings, places, or objects. Have to clearly see the condition. Explore texture and tone. Create a mood, using colour and texture.
  10. November - Textures. Rough, smooth. Natural, man made. Explore the touch and feel of an object through it's textures. Illustrate clearly in the image what the textures are, using depth of field. act of work. 

2. Membership Renewal for 2018

  • Please renew your membership for 2018 by paying your fees now. Deadline for payment is 28th Feb 2018
  • Thank you to those that have already renewed their membership. 
  • Pay by EFT. If you wish to pay in cash, please add R30 for the cash deposit fee charged by the bank. 
  • R400 - single membership, R550 - family membership. 

Please send proof of payment to hillcrestcameraclub@gmail.com

Bank Account Details:
Standard Bank
Durban North 04-28-26
25 120 853 2
Hillcrest Camera Club


See at the photo sharing meeting, Tues 20th February 2018.

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