Hillcrest Camera Club - RSVP - Ammazulu Outing 22 Feb 2014

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Hi everyone

Outing - Ammazulu Boutique Hotel

We need to know numbers for the Ammazulu outing. Kindly please RSVP, and let us know if you are coming.

Click on the link
here, and complete the RSVP form. 

Date: Sat 22 Feb 2014
Time: 11am - 1pm
Cost: R65 (includes access fee and tea)


  • This is opportunity to reshoot an unique and interesting building. There are lots of details, which may have been missed before.

  • There is no tour this time, so we will be able to shoot for two hours.

  • Take this chance to concentrate on certain items, or areas.

  • Also try using a different lens, to see the different effects that a lens has.

Please note, outings are for paid up members only. If you wish to join Hillcrest Camera Club or renew your 2014 membership, please go to www.hillcrestcameraclub.co.za and click on Join/Renew.



Please RSVP here  for the outing to Ammazulu Hotel 22 Feb 2014  


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