Hillcrest Camera Club - Speaker - 1st July 2014

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Hillcrest Camera Club - Speaker - 1st July 2014

Hi everyone

We have an interesting meeting planned for tomorrow, with an exciting speaker.

1.  Damien Davis

Damien Davis is a young Durban photographer. He will speaking to us about his work, and what he likes to shoot. He focuses on a variety of genres, but like music and the party scene the most. He also does weddings and lifestyle photography.

Facebook link

Damien works at Burble Pics. He will be telling us more about how to put together a photo book. He will explain how to prepare for the book, and also tell us what works and what doesn't. Should be very informative, and for those that wish to put together a book for Christmas, will give you time the motivation to get going!

Some examples of Damien's work:

2. Set Subject - Shoot From The Hip

This is an exciting set subject. Not only does it mean a new way of shooting, it also depicts an attitude or manner of shooting. With the main technique being 'unsighted shooting' where you don't see through the view finder, the photog is made to compose and create his image just by looking at a scene.

By shooting from waist level, or on the hip, the perspective changes. The images also look different, as the angle of approach is so different.

The ability to get candid photos is heightened by the subjects not seeing the camera, or not being of them because they are up at your face.

Some tips : http://erickimphotography.com/blog/2010/09/18/how-to-shoot-from-the-hip-street-photography/


3. Outing - Scottburgh Vintage Car Show

When: Sat 19th July 2014
Time: during the day
Where: Scottburgh, South Coast



See you at 7pm Tuesday 1st July 2014.  


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