Hillcrest Camera Club - Speaker - Damon Hyland - Tues 5th April 2016 at 7pm

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Hi everyone

We have an exciting meeting planned for you! Not to be missed. 

1. Speaker - Damon Hyland from Nikon

Damon will be talking about the video functions of DSLR's, and will show us the potential available for creating videos on our cameras. He will be showing examples of his work, as well. 


2. Canon Roadshow - May 2016

The Canon Roadshow has just been announced. This year they will be featuring South African women photographers; Marlene Neumann, Laura McCullagh, and Anna-Belle. 

RSVP opens 8am, 4th April 2016. Remember to book! 

When: 6th May 2016
Time: 10am
Where: Greyville Convention Centre


3. REMINDER: May set subject - Photo Essays

The set subject for May 2016 is Photo Essays. By now you should have decided on a topic, and be preparing to shoot. Remember that you will need to print out your photos, and display them, so allow for time to prepare your display board. 

4. Set Subject for April 2016 - Blurred Action

Blurred Action.
This is defined as capturing action, where the blur either shows the motion, or defines the direction or kind of motion. The subject can be blurred and in motion, or it can be seen to be still, where the background is in motion. Typically this achieved by panning. However, there are other ways to depict motion. 


5. HCC Annual General Meeting - 19 April 2016

Please be reminded to hand in your nomination forms at the meeting on Tuesday. 

When: Tues 19 April 2016
Time: 6.30pm
Where: Hillcrest Sports Club

See you at the meeting - Tues 5th April 2016 at 7pm

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