Hillcrest Camera Club - Speaker - Dave Whitehead - 6th Sept 2016

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Hi all
In preparation for the outing this month, and the weekend away next month to shoot the mangroves at Umlalazi, we will be exploring MACRO photography. 


1. Speaker – Dave Whitehead

Macro photography is used for shooting small objects in detail. Optimally a macro lens is used, as well as refined shooting methods. 

Dave Whitehead is a Hillcrest photographer who has become known for his macro photography of frogs, in particular the frogs of Springside Nature Reserve in Hillcrest. 

Dave will be sharing his knowledge, as well as his macro shots of the insect and animal life he has found. As an added bonus, Dave will also be joining us for our outing this month to Springside Nature Reserve. 

The photographing of small creatures takes special techniques, as well as equipment. But it also takes special care in the animal or insect's environment. For our outing, Dave will be advising us on how to locate the frogs of Springside Nature Reserve, as well as how to shoot them. 
Some examples of Dave's frog photography:

2. Outing - Springside Nature Reserve

Details - 
Date: Sat 24th Sept 2016
Time: Two shooting sessions - morning and afternoon - times to be advised. 
Access to the reserve will be from Park Close, off Springside Road. 

We will have Dave advising us on where to look for the frogs, and how to take care when shooting them. The environment is sensitive, and Dave has requested that we shoot in small groups. Thus we have created two shooting times, in the hopes of keeping the groups small - around 10 people. 

The frogs are very small - the size of a thumbnail! So we are most grateful to have Dave assist us with spotting them! 


Once you have done shooting the frogs, you are welcome to explore and photograph in the rest of the reserve. 

3. Exciting announcement regarding the Hillcrest Camera Club Exhibition

To celebrate our ten year anniversary, we will be holding an exhibition in November. The exhibition is open to everyone in the club. There will however, be special criteria for what will be exhibited. This will be announced and discussed the meeting on Tuesday. 

Congrats to HCC on  its ten year anniversary!!


See you at the meeting - Tues 6th Sept 2016 at 7pm

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