HIllcrest Camera Club - Speaker - David Larsen - 3 April 2018

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Hi everyone

1. Speaker -  David Larsen

David Larsen is coming to speak to us tomorrow. He is known as the person who brought the "World Press Photo Exhibition" to South Africa, and more importantly, Durban, in 2017.

David will speaking about his company Africa Media Online. He will also be discussing the Digital Workflow.

He is eloquent and engaging, and most knowledgeable regarding the history of South African photo journalism. 

Not to be missed!

2. April Set Subject: "Diptych" 

Two photos that tell a story, each photo depicting a part of the story. Using two images, side by side, tell a story. Diptychs present two images which can be from the same session, or polar opposites, to show opposition or contrasting ideas.

  • You will be required to conceptualise and create two images that together tell a story, or depict one topic.
  • You will need to put the images into one image, placed side by side.  You will have to use Photoshop, or some kind of program that allows two images to be placed together. Collage effect. 


3. Outing - Fire Dancer

When: Sat 21st April, "Fire Dancer" on the beach.  
Time: 5pm - 8pm.
Cost: R30 (to cover Dylan's materials, and his fee)

To start, Dylan will dance for us, in the sunset light. We've asked him to do leaps and aerobic moves. Once dark, he will light his fire, and do some fire dancing on the beach. You will be able to practice your slow shutter techniques. Later on, in the dark, you can try using the flash to freeze the motion. Or you can just shoot long exposures, capturing the motion of the fire. 

Tripods essential. Also bring remote shutter releases. 



See you at the meeting, Tuesday 3rd April 2018 at 7pm

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