Hillcrest Camera Club - Speaker - Pieter Venter - Tues 5th May 2015

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Hillcrest Camera Club - Guest Speaker - Pieter Venter - Tues 5th May 2015 @ 6pm

Hi everyone

1.  Speaker - Pieter Venter

Pieter will be sharing his current photography passion - extreme macro. He will be showing us what he has shot, and how he does it. He will also be setting up his camera to show us his equipment, and what he has to do to get close up. 

Pieter is the chairman of Westville Camera Club. He is also a outstanding photographer in his own right. He shoots in all genres. His current interest in macro photography has resulted in being awarded merits and accolades. We are honoured to have Pieter share his photography with HCC. 


Some of Pieter's other work: 

2. Open Day at the Mangroves

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife have extended an invite to join them for an Open Day at the Beachwood Mangrove and Nature Reserve. The entrance is free. There will be informative talks, and displays. Our member, Liz Cook will be manning the Seaworld stand in the morning, and the BirdLife stand in the afternoon. Liz says that this is an opportunity to see the mangroves for free, and to go on guided walks with Honorary Officers.  And of course, a chance to take photos! 

Fri 1st May 2015
9am - 4pm
Beachwood Mangrove Nature Reserve


3.  Set Subject for May - Prominent Colour

Although this is a broad topic, and anything subject can be shot, the aim will be be to use prominent colour to create the focus and draw attention to the image. Compose using colour as the main tool. Watch our for red, it tends to over expose and blow out if not shot correctly. 



See you on Tuesday 5th May 2015 at 6pm. 

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