Hillcrest Camera Club - URGENT - Workshop Cancelled - 1 Oct 2013

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Monday, October 21, 2013 Under: Meetings

Hillcrest Camera Club - URGENT - Workshop Cancelled - 1 Oct 2013

Hi all

1. Workshop Cancelled

Due to extreme wind conditions on the beach, we have decided to cancel tonight's workshop. We are postponing to Monday 7th Oct, which is when the wind is expected to calm down.

For safety reasons, we cannot risk having the sparks from the burning steel wool being blown out of control. We also cannot risk damaging Ushaka, or worse, ourselves or our equipment. In addition, with wind this extreme, it will be impossible to get sharp photos.

Sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment caused!

2. Normal meeting tonight, with a speaker!

We will be holding a normal meeting at the club tonight. Harry has stepped in, and will be speaking for us.
This is what he says he will cover tonight: ‘Come and discover the link between these images as you are taken on a journey into the world of photography and see how it continues to influence your world too.’ Sounds intriguing!


See you tonight - 1st Oct 2013 - 7pm


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