Hillcrest Camera Club - Workshop -Painting With Light - Tues 7th June 2016

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Hi everyone

1. Painting With Light Workshop

Tomorrow night we will have the opportunity to do some Painting With Light shooting! This is a practical workshop, where you will get the opportunity to take photos! 

Please bring:
Camera, tripod, shutter release cables or remotes.
Two penlight batteries. 
A torch. 

We will shoot around the premises of the Hillcrest Sports Club. Wear warm clothes, as it is chilly at night now! Also wear closed shoes. 

We will be showing you how to best take advantage of night time shooting. We will also be showing you what else you can do with LED's, sparklers and steel wool. 


The bonus part of the workshop will be to shoot aerial lights, in the form of flying LED's! Very exciting, and not to be missed! 



2. Set Subject - June - Reflections

Reflections occur on many surfaces. They may be seen in water, in mirrors, or on any shiny surface. They can be used to achieve stunning photos. Look out for Reflections - they are everywhere! Seek out places where you will get good reflections, like on the beach or in water. 



3. Outing - Brighton Beach, Anstey's, Bluff 

We are going to be capturing dawn and sunrise at Brighton Beach, Bluff. There are a myriad of different subjects to choose from - the paddling pools, the waves, the tidal pools. 


When: Sunday 26th June 2016
Time: 5am
Meet up: Either meet at the paddling pools, or at the tidal pool, depending on what you want to shoot first. 
Breakfast: Venue to be decided on the day. 


See you at the meeting - Tues 7th June 2016 at 7pm.
* Bring your camera, tripod, shutter release cable or remote, a torch 
and two penlight batteries.*

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