Hillcrest Camera Club - Workshop - Still Life Photography - Tues 2nd Aug 2016

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Hi everyone

1. Practical Workshop - Tues 2nd August 2016

Our set subject for August is "Still Life Photography for an Advert". This is a challenging, but rewarding set subject. Still Life photography requires you to conceptualise and pre-visualise, and to work to a pre-determined result. It also requires that you work out the correct lighting, and setup of the objects in the still life scene. 

We will be showing you how to set up a still life 'studio', and how to shoot for an advert. We will also show you the different kinds of lighting. 

This is a practical workshop, where you will get the opportunity to take photos! 
Please bring: 
Camera, tripod.
Shutter release cables or remotes, extension tubes and macro lenses (if you have). 


Examples of Still Life set ups:



2. Reminder - August Outing - Date Change to 13th August 2016

Exciting news! Louis Kleynhans, our guest speaker in July, will be joining us for our  August outing! We will be shooting in Durban city, using the People Mover to move around. 

Louis will be travelling to Vietnam on the weekend of our outing, so we have decided to move the outing forward to accommodate Louis. It will be incredible to have a photo-journalist, with such a keen eye, be able to shoot with us! 

New outing date: Sat 13th August 2016. 
Time: 2.30pm.  


See you at the meeting - Tues 2nd August 2016 at 7pm.
* Bring your camera, tripod, shutter release cable or remote

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