Hillcrest Camera Club - Workshop - Tues 7th Feb 2017 at 7pm

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Hi everyone

We have an exciting practical workshop for this month's meeting. Bring cameras flashes, triggers and tripods, as you will be able to do some shooting. 
The Beginner's Gathering is in two week's time.  All members welcome, especially the new members! 

1. Workshop - "Its All About The Light" 
- Run by Louis Kleynhans

When out shooting, the most important factor is the light, both natural and false light. How you light the subject, or how light falls on the subject is extremely important.

  • Louis will explain how to work with light, and how to get the best result.
  • He will show us some of his set ups, using his lights.
  • We will have models to photograph. Note - "character" models, not swimsuit models, says Louis!
  • Bring your cameras, lenses, tripods and flashes. After the talk, there will be a practical shoot, where you will get a chance to take photos, and try out what Louis has spoken about. 


2. Beginners' Gathering - All Welcome 

Date: Sat 11th Feb 2017
Where: Jodi's farm, Crestholme
Time: 3.30pm - 6pm
Please bring your own drinks and snacks for sun-downers. 

Due to the influx of new members, we have decided to hold a "Beginners' Gathering". You will get a chance to meet each other in a relaxed setting, hear about how the club works, and then take some photos. We will follow this with sun-downers and snacks. 

The committee members will be on hand to help out with your questions. We will also give a brief overview of what happens at outings, workshops and meetings. And how to prepare your photos for Photo Sharing. 

All members of the club are welcome, but we are particularly keen to have all the "newbies" attend! Perhaps you will find your "photo-buddy" at this gathering. 

Jodi's farm, and property,  has a wide variety of subjects to shoot, including horses, ducks, and guinea fowls. We will be able to explore and shoot wherever we want to.  There is a derelict building on the property, as well as scenic views. This will be relaxed, non-formal outing, with the aim to socialise and meet each other. 

Please RSVP so that we can know numbers. 

MAP: 20 Hillands Road, Crestholme. 

  • From Hillcrest, travel along Inanda Road, past Watercrest Mall.
  • You will pass Crinkley Bottom on the left, and dodgy petrol station on your right. 
  • Go down the hill, towards Molweni. 
  • Turn left into Hillands Road. 
  • Proceed up to the end of the road, to a set of gates. This is the entrance to Jodi's property. 
  • Message or call Jodi to let her know you are at the gate. 0795008589
3. Outing - Umhlanga Pier

This will be a sunset and evening shoot, to capture the 'blue pier' lights. Bring tripods, remote shutter releases. 

Date: Sat 25th Feb 2017
Time: 4.30pm - 7.30pm

4. Set Subject - Feb 2017

"Water" - Slow Shutter speed. Any water - sea, stream, river, waterfall. Must show movement, not frozen. Can be shot at any time of the day, but best when there is less light, like sunrise and sunset, or an overcast day. Try including a stationary person, animal or object for a quirky touch. 


5. Schedule 2017 

This is the schedule for the year. Click on the schedule for a link to the file, which you can download and print, or save. 

File to open as a PDF : 2017 Schedule - pdf

6. Your Feedback

We would like your feedback, input and suggestions for 2017! Thank you to those who have already given your ideas and comments. 

At the meeting, we requested that you complete the questionnaire form. You can hand it in at the next meeting. Or, to make it easier, you can complete the online form. Click 
Questionnare, to complete the form.  Thank you for your feedback!

 7  Renew your membership for 2017

Thank you to those who have already paid and renewed. 

  • Please note: If you do not wish to renew your membership for 2017, please let us know, so that we can update our mailing list. Or unsubscribe - at the bottom of this notice.

Single Membership: R370
Family Membership: R500  (maximum of 3 family members) 

Bank Account Details: Standard Bank, Durban North, 04-28-26, 
25120853 2Hillcrest Camera Club.


See you at the workshop on Tues 7th Feb 2017 at 7pm!

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