Meeting Tuesday 06 March 2012

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Hi everyone

We would like to thank everybody that helped out at the Club's exhibition on Saturday. It was a great success and we expect to have quite a few new faces at the next couple of meetings. We also want to thank everyone that submitted photos. They were fantastic and we had many compliments from people that came to have a look.

Tuesday's meeting is going to be great and everybody has to attend. We are going to have two speakers that will give you the tools to tackle your own photographic projects and who knows, your project might just make you famous. Read on for more details.

1. Speakers: Harry Lock and Andrew Nunn

Harry Lock will be talking on Photographic Projects. He will discuss some photographer’s projects that have unexpectedly launched careers, resulted in books, and generally made the photographer famous.
He will also take a look at how to plan your own photo project.
Durban photographer, Andrew Nunn will share some of his work, and discuss his approach to photography as a creative tool.

2. Set Subject for February: Ground Level Photography

This Set Subject is a very easy concept and will make your photos a lot more interesting. It is unfortunately also one of the least used techniques used by photographers. The method is simple, get yourself and your camera flat on the ground and shoot the world from an ant's viewpoint.

Use a wide angle and create the effect of buildings, people, animals or plants looming over you or take a close-up shot of something on the ground. Just make sure that you give the viewer the feeling that they are lying on the ground with you.

Have fun!!

3. Outing: Pier at Point Yacht Club

Our outing for this month will be an evening shoot, on and around at Wilson's Wharf and the Pier at Point Yacht Club on Saturday 24th. We will send out a notice later with all of the details, so keep your calendar open.

4. Camera Club Exhibition

Again, thank you to everyone that helped out on Saturday and to everyone that submitted photos. We can't wait to see the quality of work that you will produce for next year's exhibition.

The early morning set up gang, enjoying a cup of coffee once the photos were up on display!

4. Baynesfield Hobbies Fair

Baynesfield Estate is hosting their Hobbies fair this weekend. It is great place for the whole family to enjoy and there are lots of photographic opportunities, so be their early!

Some of the attractions:
Vintage Tractors and machinery
Steam engine and steam roller
Tractor trailer rides
Collection of vintage sewing machines
Antique woodcrafters demonstrating their crafts
Gardening, Dairy and Kitchen museums
Tours through Baynes house –built in 1882
Butter making
A selection of quality goods & Plants for sale
Refreshments and more.

Date: 11 March 2012
Time: 10am to 4pm
Place: Baynesfield Estate -
for directions click here
Costs: R20 adults, R10 pensioners and scholars free

5. Photo Competitions

There are a couple of local and international photographic competitions that are currently running. Please go to the respective sites and enter as many as you are able to. It is a great way of pushing yourself to become a better photographer and you will be able to see how your work compares to the work of others. Check them out.

Getaway Gallery 2012

World Photography Organisation: Facebook Monthly Photo Competition

The 155th International Print Exhibition 2012

The international Street Photography Awards


See you at 7PM, Tuesday 06 March 2012!

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