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Hi everyone

We will have our first speaker for 2012 coming and showing us the ins and outs about Bird Photography and we can't wait to learn from him. This type of photography is difficult, but the rewards are great when you get it right. It will also help you in other fields of photography so you can't afford to miss this talk.

There are also lots to get through so read on for all of the details...

1. Harry Gazendam: Bird Photography

Harry is a wildlife photographer based in Pretoria. After 30 years in the corporate world he decided to pursue his passion and has now become a very accomplished photographer. He specialises in Bird Photography and Birds in Flight (BIF). When he travels around the country, he also gives talks and it is our privilege to have him share his knowledge with us.

He will be talking about the following:
- Introduction to Bird Photography
- Equipment (bodies, lenses, supports, etc.)
- Field Techniques
- Digital Workflow (camera to pc, photo editing, etc.)
- Slideshow of good and bad photos, and why.

So come along and broaden your horizon!!

2. Schedule: Set Subjects

The Set Subjects for this year are as follows:

February: Abstract
March: Ground Level Photography
April: Eyelashes and Facial Features
May: Reflections
June: Texture
July: Action

August: Photo assignment: Pick an object and photograph the different parts that make a whole
September:Street Photography
October: Long Exposure
November: Black and White
December: Your Best or Favourite photo of the year
January 2013: Beauty

3. Set Subject for February: Abstract

Wikipedia describes Abstract as follows: "Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art."
Lee Frost describes it as: " separate or withdraw something from something else, though in art we tend to think of abstracts as having no reference to the real world."

When we photograph, we usually want to capture the reality of what we see. We photograph a person, a landscape, a building, etc. and when others look at it they will also recognise it. When we want to create a photo that is an abstract, we have to steer clear of reality or take a step back from it.

Remove the reality, familiarity, identity and even colour from what you are photographing and you are left with line, pattern, texture and form that can be used to create amazing photographs. Zoom in to your subject to capture the detail and experiment as much as possible.
Abstracts are everywhere you around us...

4. artSPACE Photographic Exhibitions

There are two exhibitions opening at artSPACE which promises to be very interesting. The opening is on Monday, 06 February at 6pm for 6.30pm and they will run until the 25th of February 2012.

"Bodysong" - David Buchler, Wesley Flanagan, Modisa Tim Motsomi and Wayne Reddiar
This is a group exhibition by David Buchler who is a South African artist based in Japan and KZN based artists Wesley Flanagan, Modisa Tim Motsomi and Wayne Reddiar.  The exhibition explores various dimensions of the human body, as it relates to space, history, geography, mythology and narrative.  The artists have produced works in media as diverse as painting, photography, installation, sound art and video art.

"Phoneography" - A group exhibition for smartphone camera images
Taking pictures with a smartphone (or a cell phone that has a camera) has become so popular, it even has its own name: iPhoneography, or smartphoneography for those who do not own an Apple mobile phone. Users have been taking a lot of cool pix on their phones and now would like others to see them besides on Instagram and other sites and have a chance to sell them in a gallery environment.  
All of the works fit the format of 12cm x 12cm wooden blocks onto which the image(s) is mounted.  The sale price of each block is set at R100 each.

See you at the opening...

5. Hillcrest Camera Club Exhibition

We still need your photos for our Hillcrest Camera Club Exhibition. Allan and Gwynne will collect them at the meeting.

We also need a LED TV to display the digital images on. If anyone is willing to lend us theirs for the exhibition, please email us at
. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Printed photos must be A4 or larger and they must be mounted. For those that need to have mounts made, contact Harry Lock on 082 576 0199. He will need some time to make the mounts, so please contact him as soon as possible. Mike Volckman will put together a slideshow for members that want to display their digital images, but please remember that we prefer prints. More details will be given for the digital submissions as soon as we have a LED TV to display them on.

And remember, seeing your photos printed and mounted is extremely rewarding, so don't delay and submit them!!


See you at 7PM, Tuesday 07 February 2012!

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