Meeting Tuesday 20 March 2012

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Hi everyone

It is time to show everyone what you have been up to so submit your photos now! New members can find out what everyone else thinks of their work and learn from their comments. And for the old members, submit your photos, because others can learn from you, and there is always something new for you to learn.

1. Photo Sharing

Here is what you need to submit:
1. Open
2. Troubleshooting
3. Outing (Dusi Canoe Race)
4. Set Subject (Ground Level Photography)

Please submit your photos by email to:
, or bring 8x10 prints.
Email submission closes 8pm on Monday, 19 March, 2012.
You can submit photos for either/or Open, Set Subject and Outing categories. Please only submit 3 photos in total. You may submit only one extra photo in the Troubleshooting section.
Size - Maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels, and not more than 600KB per photo. Please do not exceed this limit!!!!
Format - Jpeg or Tiff
Labelling - the file name of each photo must follow this format: Your Name & Surname - Category - Title of Photo e.g. Nelli Palomaki - Open - Tree Branch.
Please make the subject line of the email "March 2012 photo submissions". This will make it easier for Andre to identify the emails and ensure that your photos will be added.
Please note: If your photo is incorrectly labelled, or named, and there is no subject line for the email, or it is sent after the deadline it will not be shown.

If you miss the deadline for emailing, you can submit photos at the meeting on a virus free memory stick. However, please be considerate and come early. Out of consideration to those who have submitted timeously, we will no longer be accepting submissions after 7PM, once the meeting begins.

2. Set Subject for February: Ground Level Photography

This Set Subject is a very easy concept and will make your photos a lot more interesting. It is unfortunately also one of the least used techniques used by photographers. The method is simple, get yourself and your camera flat on the ground and shoot the world from an ant's viewpoint.

Use a wide angle and create the effect of buildings, people, animals or plants looming over you or take a close-up shot of something on the ground. Just make sure that you give the viewer the feeling that they are lying on the ground with you.

Have fun!!

3. Outing: Pier at Point Yacht Club

Our outing for this month will be an evening shoot, on and around at Wilson's Wharf and the Pier at Point Yacht Club on Saturday 24th. We will send out a notice later in the week with all of the details, so keep your calendar open.

4. Photos from the Exhibition

Please remember to collect your photos that were submitted for the exhibition. Those that are not collected will be donated to the SPCA to be sold.


See you at 7PM, Tuesday 20 March 2012!

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