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Join us at the movies!
This is a chance to see the movie 'The Bang Bang Club'.  
The movie depicts the lives of four social-documentary photographers during the 1990's in SA. Although it shows the reality of the violence and racism of the time, it gives us a look into the lives of photographers and the efforts they went to, to get their images seen and recognised. Certainly a different perspective from our 'point and shoot' photography, and well worth seeing as a record of the South African photographic history. (and the four actors are rather yummy looking...!)

Place: Pavilion
Date: Friday 29 July 2011
Meet Up time: 4.30-4.45pm
Movie Time: 5.00pm

Afterwards we will meet up for a chat and a coffee, for those who want to. Venue to be decided, but possibly Mugg & Bean.


Sunday Outing - 31 July

This is the additional outing for July. It will be one of our last sunrise beach shoots where we can get the benefit of a winter rising sun! From now on the sun starts to rise very early! 

What Rocky Bay has to offer:

1. Rocks and rock pools to be taken in the pink sunrise light.
2. A pier overlooking the sea, where fisherman stand and fish. The sun rises behind them.
3. Fishermen and divers launching their boats. The sun rises behind them and shines over the sea, creating an awesome backlit scene.
4. The lagoon - reflections and shadows in the water.
5. The railway track and bridge. Reflections of the arched bridge in the lagoon. There are stunning shots to be taken here!
6.  People on the beach, surfing or fishing.

All of this is in space of 500m, and makes the early morning trip well worth it. Bring coffee and rusks to ward off the hunger. Later on we will find somewhere for breakfast, for those who want.

Other photographic opportunities:
St Elmos. This is an abandoned monastery in Umzumbe. Perfect for some 'urbex' photography. 

Date: Sunday 31 July 2011
Meet: Between 5.30 and 6.00am (the earlier the better, in order to catch the light)
Place: Parking lot next to the caravan park.

Directions: Get onto the N2 South towards Port Shepstone. Take Exit 104 - R612 Umzinto North/Park Rynie. At the Stop sign turn left onto the R612 and drive towards the sea. At the robots turn right on to the R102 Pennington and follow the signs to the Rocky Bay Beach Front. The distance from Durban is about 65km and will take about 50mins to drive.

Harry Lock's photo of the railway bridge and lagoon, taken at the last outing.


KZNSA Gallery Exhibition - 26 July 2011 to 20 August 2011

LOCATION - Block A, Thokoza Women's Hostel by Angela Buckland

There is a new photographic exhibition that will give the viewer a glimpse into the private world of the women that live in the Thokoza Hostel. This hostel was opened eighty-five years ago and was the first built in South Africa to only house women. The women that live there seek independence and are trying to make a living in a male dominated society.

We encourage everyone to visit the gallery to see the stories told by the photographer.

For further details about the exhibition and the gallery click here.

 Hope to see you all soon, either at the movies, or at the outing!


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