Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday, 02 October 2012

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Hi everyone

1. Speaker: Brett Florence - Shooting with purpose and intent

It’s a great privilege to announce that we will have world renowned Wedding Photographer Brett Florens as our speaker for October 2012!

Brett is internationally recognized by Nikon as one of the world's most influential photographers. A self-taught photographer Brett’s images have appeared in many international magazines over the years.  He has been involved in the wedding photography industry for over 10 years. A master with light Brett delivers the money shot for all his clients!

Brett is an enthusiastic teacher who is always happy to share his knowledge about photography. He’ll be speaking to us about "Shooting with Purpose and Intent", which sounds intriguing.

Look forward to seeing a great turnout!

2. Set Subject: Long Exposure

Long Exposure photographs refers to photos that have been taken over a long period of time. The exposures of these photos can range from around one second, to several hours and even several months. The idea is to emphasise movement. The most common examples are star trails and vehicle lights that show up as long streaks in a photo. Shooting waves over a long period creates a milky effect and people moving around in a busy street, creates ghostly figures.

In bright light you may only get a one second or faster shutter speed, but if you shoot during dusk or dawn you will be able to get much slower shutter speeds. If you have a remote shutter release you can set your camera to Manual and set the shutter speed to Bulb and shoot for more than thirty seconds. This works great when it gets very dark.

A sturdy tripod is essential for long exposures, but shooting hand held can have very interesting results. Have fun!!!

3. Outing: Worldwide Photowalk

The 5th Annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk is being held on 13th October 2012. Yvonne Van Dalen will be leading this year’s walk. We have decided to make it the HCC outing for October, as well. Many of you have registered for the walk, but those that haven't are welcome to come along and shoot.

Where is the Walk:

We will now START AND FINISH at Circus Circus. Best parking will be in the MiniTown area directly in front of Circus Circus.

We'll have an opportunity to photograph the sunrise from the beach/piers. The surfers & skaters. Early morning joggers and walkers. The amphitheatre area and gardens and all the way along the promenade towards the paddling pool/fun fare area. We can come back along the road front to get the early morning stalls setting up.

Time & Date:
Saturday 13th October 2012
5.15am to 7.15am

4. Beginner's Outing: ISO

Our next Beginner's Outing will deal with your camera's ISO setting. It will be on Sunday, the 28th of October and more details will follow.


 See you at 7PM, Tuesday, 2nd October 2012!

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