Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 03 July 2012

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Hi everyone

We have a workshop lined up for Tuesday and this is one that you can't afford to miss!!

1. Workshop: Fire Dancer

On Tuesday evening we will have another workshop evening and you will have the opportunity to photograph a fire-dancer. Please bring your camera, tripod, tele-lens (if you have one), and your flash. Also a small torch so that you can see your camera settings in the dark.
The meeting will begin with a short illustrated lecture on how to photograph this tricky subject. Tips on camera settings and techniques will be shared on how to achieve the best results. (A notebook might be handy).
After that we will go outside and watch and photograph the fire-dancer.
Please note that we have to cover the costs of the performer, so there is a charge of R10.00 per person.

Photos by Harry Lock

2. Set Subject for July: Action

Action photography can be described as capturing the process of something that is happening. It is a challenging set subject, because you have to convince the viewer that your photograph has frozen movement.

Freezing a ball flying through the air doesn't look like anything is happening. You can't see if it is going up or down or even sideways. If you see a dog leaping into the air trying to catch the ball, then the viewer will be able to conclude that the ball is moving towards the dog and that the dog is in the process of catching it.

You can blur the image if you want to show movement, i.e. panning with a runner to blur the background as well as their arms and legs. Or you can freeze the action in a way that will make the viewer conclude that something is happening, i.e. a rugby player flying through the air as he tackles his opponent.

Think about what you want to achieve and go out and try it!!

3. Beginner's Outing

The rugby is over and we will continue with our Beginner's Outings again. More details to follow...

4. Outing for July: Rocky Bay and Scottburgh Car Show

Our outing will be a sunrise shoot at Rocky Bay on Sunday, the 29th of June. It is one of our best sunrise locations and not to be missed. We will also be close to Scottburgh so once we have finished at Rocky Bay we can attend the car show in Scottburgh to complete a full day of photographic fun!

More details to follow...


 See you at 7PM, Tuesday 03 July 2012!

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