Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 04 October 2011

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1. Speaker - John Lewis

It is our pleasure to announce that John Lewis will be speaking on Tuesday. He is a top equestrian photographer and  photographs for the Greyville Race Course. He also photographs for stud farms and his photos are published in Parade Magazine.

Equestrian photography is a very strict discipline where horses must be posed and photographed in a specific way. John knows the ins and outs of the racehorse industry and what is needed to create the perfect photo. Come along and expand your horizons.


2. Set Subject: Nature - Something smaller than your palm
(to be shown at second meeting, 18 October 2011)

When we think of nature, we usually think of unspoiled landscapes or the animals we see in nature reserves. For this Set Subject we want you to look closer at the natural world and find the beautiful detail that it contains. Your subject must be smaller than the palm of your hand.

Remember that nature can also include the ocean. You can find lots to photograph in and around rock pools. Even the sand, and the shape its makes, can be beautiful.

Zoom in as close as possible to your subject to capture detail.
Use a tripod whenever possible to avoid camera shake.
A small aperture of about F16 is preferable for macro work, but try larger apertures for a shallower depth of field.
If you do not have enough light, try using a reflector, flash or strong torch.
If your background is distracting, use a cloth or cardboard as a background.
Use different angles.


Please avoid the usual flower and bee shot. Challenge yourself by looking for something different.
But most of all "Have Fun"!!

3. Outing: Makaranga Garden Lodge

Our October outing will be to Makaranga Garden Lodge, which has a beautiful botanical and Japanese garden.

Date: Saturday, 22 October 2011

More details to follow...

4. Canon SA Photo Competition

Canon has announced a new photographic competition. The winners will receive great prizes worth over R150, 000 and the top 10 entries from each category will be exhibited at the Canon Expo in December.

The categories are:
Through a Child's Eye
It's in the Detail
Toy Stories

The closing date is the 13th of November. For further details, please visit the competition website here.

Please note that your submissions must have been produced using Canon equipment only.

5. Photographic Talk: van den Berg

International acclaimed wildlife photographers Heinrich, Philip and Ingrid Van  Den Berg will be giving a talk at Kloof Primary School this Tues 4 October, at 6pm. The Van Den Berg's have spoken at the club before, and are most informative.Tickets are avaliable from Kloof Library on (031) 764 7543 @R35.

See you at 7PM, Tuesday 04 October!

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