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Hillcrest Camera Club

1. Painting with Light Workshop

On Tuesday night Harry will be hosting our first workshop evening. He will be showing us a technique called 'Painting with Light'. This is a technique which uses an open shutter and a continuous light source to achieve an exposure. It can be used to photograph stationary objects, from small items in a table-top set up, to buildings or other large structures.
There will be a short explanation of the technique, and then the fun will start when you will be given an opportunity to try it out for yourself.
You will need to bring the following:
Your camera with a fully charged battery
A tripod
A remote or cable release if you have one
A torch - the stronger the better. If you have a 1 million candle power spotlight bring it.

Here are two examples of photographs made using the technique.

This is going to be great so don't miss out!!

2. Set Subjects: Food

Our set subject for April is Food Photography, and there is more involved than meets the eye. You have to become and illusionist to make food look delicious, make coffee look dark and make the milk in your cereal look...well, milky. You have to do some reading up on the subject, because it is harder than you think.

A few examples: White glue is used as milk, because less light passes through it and the cereal doesn't sink into it before you've taken the shot. You can even arrange the cereal for a better composition. A blowtorch is used to give patties that flame grilled look and glycerine is 'painted' on food to make it shinier. Heat up wet cotton balls in a microwave to make steam come out of a soup bowl. Please use tweezers to take them out of the microwave. Burn incense sticks to make steam for coffee cups. Brown shoe polish makes steak look appetizing.

Prepare your shots. Shoot at eye-level and don't clutter the shot with too much food or cutlery. Keep it simple. Use window light where possible. Use clean backgrounds. Concentrate on context.

Start off by reading this article and remember to also Google 'food photography'.

3. Outing for April

We will be going to the top of Durban Bay House in town to get some cityscapes shots. It will be on Saturday evening, 16th April or Sunday morning, 17th April, depending on when we hold the shoot.  We are deciding between an evening shoot or a sunrise morning shoot. Further details will follow closer to the time.

4. Book Raffle

We have a fantastic book that is being raffled at the meetings. It is called "Photo-wisdom. Master Photographers on Their Art" by Lewis Blackwell and it is comprised of 49 photographers, their work and their thoughts. It is a must have for any photographic library and well worth the read. The raffle tickets are only R10 each so get them before they are sold out.

5. Membership Fees

There are still some outstanding membership fees due. Please make payment by EFT, or at the meeting. Thank you to those who have paid!
R200 - single membership
R300 - family membership

Standard Bank
Kingsmead, Br Code: 051001
Acc no: 050 146 556
Acc name: Sweet Deal cc

6. Do you have any.....?

The Hillcrest Christian Academy has emailed us and asked for empty spool containers. If you have any lying around, can you please bring them along to the meeting or drop them off at HCA reception for the attention of Carrie Roberts? They lend us the easels for the Photographic Exhibition, so please support them if possible.

See you at 7PM, Tuesday 05 April!

Photo Project:

Feel the Rhythm: Select a poem or a song and illustrate it one verse at a time. For a real challenge choose a piece of classical music and reinterpret it as a series of photographs - Listen out for changes in mood, pace and rhythm.

Take your time: We often notice minutes and hours passing, but rarely acknowledge seconds, days and years as they mount up. Show the effects of time by capturing old age (rust, decay, ruins) or youth (saplings, a baby's skin). Alternatively, try time-lapse photography.

From Black+White Photography, October 2010


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