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1. Speakers
Donald Davies of the Durban Art Deco Society

Donald Davies of the Durban Art Deco Society will be speaking at the club, telling us about a proposed book to be published on the Art Deco Buildings in the city. The society is calling for photographers who might be interested in the project to provide photographs for inclusion in the book.

Help Portrait
If you could give back, instead of just taking a photo, what would you do?
Jonty Peters from Help Portrait will be speaking about his project. Help Portrait aims to photograph people in needy communities for free, using the services of volunteer photographers, with the aim of returning the photo to the subject. The reward lies in the process, and in the fellowship gained in sharing an image with the subject. "Don't take pictures, give them".
Jonty will explain how the Johannesburg group operates, in the hope of inspiring club members to set up their own projects and run with them in Hillcrest or KZN.
This talk will appeal to your allutruistic and charitable side, where there is more to gain by giving, than by taking. A different perspective from our usual 'what's in it for me' mindset!
Not to be missed!

Find more information here.

2. Set Subjects: Selective Focus
(to be shown at 2nd meeting, 19 July 2011)

This month's set subject concentrates on one of the techniques used to isolate and draw attention to your subject. It is achieved by focussing on your subject and using a shallow depth of field (DOF) to blur the foreground and background.

Here are three tips on how to achieve this. Use the largest aperture that your lens can use, such as F3.5, F2.8 or even F1.2. Also try to use a lens with a long focal length, such as 85mm or more. If the foreground or background doesn't blur enough, then try to move your subject further away.

Now it is your turn to practice the technique. If you are a beginner and want to see what effect the different apertures and focal lengths will have, put your camera on a tripod, line up a few objects at various distances from your camera and focus on whatever is in the middle. Now, adjust your aperture and focal length, take a couple of test shots and see what happens.

Good luck and be creative!!

3. Outing for July - Creighton Aloe Train trip

The Creighton Aloe Festival occurs during July, when the aloes are flowering and looking their most stunning. We will catch the Creighton steam train to the aloes, photograph them, and then photograph the steam train. There is a festival and flea market at Creighton, where food and drinks are available. The train does the trip every Saturday and Sunday during the month of July, but the festival is being held on the weekend of the 16 and 17 July. The club outing is on Sunday 17 July. Meet early, around 9am, train leaves at 11am.
Cost : Adults :  Sitter Coaches R180.00 pp or  Lounge coach  R210.00  pp, Children : Sitter coaches R120.00 pp (between 2 - 12 ) or Lounge coach R210.00 pp. Duration-  Approx 2 hrs

Payment Details - Pay by EFT. Bank Details - Patons Country Railway, Fnb Ixopo (code 220223), Acct no 62029348085
NB!  Ref No : Aloe then the  (Date & time) & your surname (e.g.  Aloe Smith 16/7 10am) NB! 
Fax no 0866314233  ***for confirmation of payment ***
Please retain your deposit slip as proof of payment & to be able to exchange for your tickets.

Contact Glynnis, Aloe Steam Festival, email:, Cell : 083 273 8037    

4. Canon Roadshow

The Canon Roadshow is on Saturday 9th of July and it is an event that can't be missed. Space is limited so email them to RSVP as soon as possible. Details can be found here.

5. Photography Competitions

NPC Focus
NPC is currently running their photography competition and there are great prizes to be won. Here is a description from their competition site:
"Recreate concrete’s legendary moods and memories in our exciting new photographic competition “Stories set in time”. Allow your creativity free reign! Be inspired by bridges, stairs, statues, cornices, gargoyles, or any concrete form that for you captures the essence of a story, fictional or factual."

Entries close on the 31st of August 2011 so don't delay. For more details go here.

One Life Photography Competition
Entries close on the 29th of July 2011.
For more details go here.

There are links to more competitions currently running on our website.


Photo Project:

Make It Count: Illustrate a unit of measurement - try weight (heavy/light), size (large/small), length (long/short), speed (fast/slow) or temperature (hot/cold). If shooting feathers, snails, or dumbbells seems too easy then illustrate volume, area, energy or density.

Show your feelings: Emotions such as fear, isolation, sorrow, love, confusion and joy make great subjects for photo projects. Storyboard a few ideas and then ask a friend to pose for you. Alternatively, attend a local amateur dramatics society and capture the actors in action!

From Black+White Photography, October 2010 

See you at 7PM, Tuesday 05 July!


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