Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 06 December 2011

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It is the last meeting of the year and we will be having our Photo Sharing evening as well as the Christmas Party. Join us for a fun evening. Please bring eats for the "Bring and Share".

1. Canon SA Expo and Photo Competition
We are very proud to announce that two of our members have made it into the finals of the Canon Photo Competition! Well done Marlies and Heinz! The winning photos of each catergory are to be decided by our votes.  Please vote for Marlies and Heinz's photos by clicking on the photos below. As they are finalists in different catergories, you can vote for both photos! You can also vote for the photos on the Canon Competition page, at the Canon Expo, or on Facebook . People who vote stand a chance to win a prize!! Well done Marlies and Heinz!

Marlies Craig - Candlelight :

 Heinz Benecke - Circles:


2. Christmas Party

The Christmas party is being held at the club this Tuesday, 6 Dec. There will be the normal Photo Sharing followed by a 'Bring and Share' party. Everyone is encouraged to bring a plate of eats, either savoury or sweet. Tea, coffee and drinks at the bar will be available as usual.


2. Photo Sharing

This is our last Photo Sharing session for the year. It is time to reflect on our efforts and experiences. Please submit your BEST or Favourite Photo of the Year, in lieu of the Set Subject .  It doesn't have to be from the outings or the club set subjects, it can from any of your photographic experiences of 2011. This is your time to show off your best photo, or your favourite of the year!

Do you have photos taken during outings of your fellow photogs in action? We'd like to put together a slideshow, to be shown during the party. These photos won't be for critiquing, just a fun show of what we get up to at outings!

So here is what  you need to submit:
1. Fellow Photographer (for the slideshow)
2. Open
3. November Outing (Butterflies for Africa)
4. Troubleshooting
5. Best or Favourite Photo of The Year

Troubleshooting - This is a new catergory. Are you having trouble with taking a particular type of photo? Have you envisioned taking that perfect shot, only to be disappointed with the results, but you don't know what todo to correct of improve your efforts? This is the catergory to show your attempts, and to get advice or help from the other members. Alternatively, if you have any new techniques or tips to share, do so in this catergory!

Please submit your photos by email to: , or bring 8x10 prints.
Email submission closes 8pm on Monday, 05 December, 2011.
You can submit photos for either/or  Outing and Open categories. Please only submit 3 photos in total. You may submit only one extra photo in the Troubleshooting section and one extra photo in the Best/Favourite Photo Category. You can submit several for the Fellow Photographer section, but please keep the file sizes under 200KB.
Size - Maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels, and not more than 600KB per photo. Please do not exceed this limit!!!!
Format - Jpeg or Tiff
Labelling - the file name of each photo must follow this format: Category - Your Name & Surname - Title of Photo e.g. Outing
- John Swannell - Sir Roy Strong: An Elizabethan Reverie.
Please make the subject line of the email "December photo submissions". This will make it easier for Andre to identify the emails and ensure that your photos will be added.
Please note: If your photo is incorrectly labelled, or named, and there is no subject line for the email, or it is sent after the deadline it will not be shown.

If you miss the deadline for emailing, you can submit photos at the meeting on a memory stick. However, please be considerate
and come early. Out of consideration to those who have submitted timeously, we will no longer be accepting submissions after 7PM, once the meeting begins.

4. Suggestions for 2012

We are asking everyone to put forward suggestions for next year, with regards to the speakers, set subjects and outings. Please email us your suggestions to . Thank you to those who have sent in their suggestions already!
We will be holding a planning meeting at the beginning of 2012 and will discuss all suggestions.
Please participate; we'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions!

See you at 7PM, Tuesday 06 December 2011!

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