Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 06 September 2011

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1. Speaker - Harry Lock

We are happy to announce that one of our own club members will be giving us a talk on Tuesday.

Harry Lock is one of our founding members and an exceptional photographer. When he is not photographing towns in the Karoo, Harry follows his other passion, photographing musicians. He will be explaining how he works and will be sharing some techniques and tricks when photographing musicians as they perform.

Come along and learn from one of our best.


2. Set Subject: Self Portrait
(to be shown at second meeting, 20 September 2011)

This month's set subject is a fantastic challenge and we encourage everyone to take part in it. A self portrait is a photo of yourself, taken by yourself. This means that you have to set up the shot, set up your camera and then take a photo of yourself.

Please, no snapshots.

Take some time to think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to set it up. Remember, the more time you spend to create the photo, the better the results will be and the greater the reward.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:
- Keeping it simple can create a very strong image.
- If you want to do something elaborate, plan it in detail before shooting.
- Take your time. Rushing the process and getting stressed, will show in your expression and body language.
- Use the techniques you have learned at the club, i.e. backlighting, window light, etc.
- Put your camera on a tripod or stable surface and pre-focus using a chair, lamp, etc.
- Use a remote shutter release button to take the photo, or use the 10 second delay on your camera.
- Use a mirror to check your pose and expression.
- Remember, a self portrait can be of any part your body and does not have to include your face.

If you need to find inspiration, try looking at other photographers on


3. Outing: Mariannhill Monastery

Our outing for September will be to Mariannhill Monastery. There is much to photograph, from the old church, to the surrounding buildings.  Father Henry has kindly allowed us to photograph within the cloister, which is where the beautiful arched passageways can be found - lovely subjects to shoot.

Date: Saturday, 24 September 2011
Time: 09:00am

More details to follow.


See you at 7PM, Tuesday 06 September!

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