Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 07 August 2012

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Hi everyone

1. Speaker: Lanel Janse van Vuuren - Conceptual Portrait Photography

It is a great privilege to announce that we will have Lanel Janse van Vuuren as our speaker. She is a young and dynamic photographer that will inspire you to take your photography to greater heights.

She is a lecturer in Photography at the Vega School's Durban campus. She has a BTech in Fine Art and is currently working towards her Masters at the Durban University of Technology exploring the idea of an Absent Portrait. She has been involved with the photographic industry for nearly a decade, and her portfolio includes fine art photographic exhibitions as well as commercial work. Lanel will be showing some of her own work and focus specifically on conceptual portrait photography within the field of Fine Art.


Come and learn from this talented and inspiring photographer!!!

2. Set Subject for August: Action

Action photography can be described as capturing the process of something that is happening. It is a challenging set subject, because you have to convince the viewer that your photograph has frozen movement, or you have to show the actual movement by panning.

Freezing a ball flying through the air doesn't look like anything is happening. You can't see if it is going up or down or even sideways. If you see a dog leaping into the air trying to catch the ball, then the viewer will be able to conclude that the ball is moving towards the dog and that the dog is in the process of catching it.

You can blur the image if you want to show movement, i.e. panning with a runner to blur the background as well as their arms and legs. Or you can freeze the action in a way that will make the viewer conclude that something is happening, i.e. a rugby player flying through the air as he tackles his opponent.

We had a very succesful panning workshop this last weekend. We hope that members will apply what they have learnt and enjoy shooting their 'action' photos for this month's set subject!

Think about what you want to achieve and go out and try it!!

3. Beginner's Outing:

We are planning to have the next Beginner's Outing on Saturday, the 18th of August. We will give more details closer to the day.

4. Club Outing: Baynesfield Weekend Away

24, 25, 26 August 2012

LAST CHANCETO BOOK FOR THE OUTING! We are closing the bookings! Secure your spot!

This outing will be a photographic activity filled weekend, where we will get a chance to try painting with light, and shooting star trails. We will also be shooting beautiful scenery. The main plus of the weekend is that we all be together and able to share our experiences. 

To secure your booking, please make payment soon. Thanks to those that have paid, however some members have said they are interested in going, but haven't paid yet. Yvonne and Vanessa need to know exact numbers for planning and catering purposes.

Cost: R200 per person, a night, R400 per person for the weekend. Pay by EFT.
All meals included. Bring own duvet, and pillows.
Dates: 24, 25, 26 August 2012 (Friday afternoon to Sunday morning)

Use your name and HCC Aug Outing as the reference.
Banking Details: FNB, Musgrave Road, Branch code: 221126,
Account Number: 62339691273, Account name: V Cracknell 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be creative and to share with your camera club friends! 


 See you at 7PM, Tuesday 07 August 2012!

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