Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 19 June 2012

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Hi everyone

We hope that everyone is out and about taking advantage of the cool weather and winter sun to shoot outdoors. This is a great time of the year for photography, because you don't have to worry about the boiling summer heat and harsh sun.

Share your photos with us and learn from everyone else. Also read on for an urgent notice...


We have been informed by the management of the Hillcrest Sports Club that someone from our club has possibly brought alcohol in to our meeting that was not purchased at the club's bar. This is against the Code of Conduct of the Sports Club and illegal in terms of their liquor licence.

Please, in future, only purchase your drinks at the bar and do not bring anything else on site. Their prices are very reasonable and your support is greatly appreciated.

2. Photo Sharing

Please ensure that you change the filenames of your photos as specified below. It will prevent them from being placed in the wrong categories.

Here is what you need to submit:
1. Open
2. Outing (Umhlanga Pier and Lighthouse + Kiara Lodge)

3. Set Subject (Texture)
4. Troubleshooting

Kiara Lodge Photos

Some of the club members that went on the Outing to Kiara Lodge have said that they managed to get many great photos during the course of the weekend. In order to showcase as many photos as possible, we have decided to let each person display ten, jumbo sized prints on a board. 

Bring along your boards. We can't wait to see them all!

For the usual submissions
Please submit your photos by email to:, or bring prints no smaller than 8"x10".
Email submission closes 11pm on Monday, 18 June 2012.
You can submit photos for either/or Open, Set Subject and Outing categories. Please only submit 3 photos in total. You may submit only one extra photo in the Troubleshooting section. There is no limit to the number of Beginner's outing photos.
Size - Maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels, and not more than 600KB per photo. Please do not exceed this limit!!!!
Format - Jpeg or Tiff
Labelling - the filename of each photo must follow this format: Your Name & Surname - Category - Title of Photo e.g. Martin Usborne- Open - My name is Moose.
Please make the subject line of the email "June 2012 photo submissions". This will make it easier to identify the emails and ensure that your photos will be added.
Please note: If your photo is incorrectly labelled, or named, and there is no subject line for the email, or it is sent after the deadline it will not be shown.

If you miss the deadline for emailing, you can submit photos at the meeting on a virus free memory stick. However, please be considerate and come early. Out of consideration to those who have submitted timeously, we will no longer be accepting submissions after 7PM, once the meeting begins.

3. Set Subject for June: Texture

describes texture as "the perceived surface quality of a work of art." This means that when you look at a photo, you will be able to recognise and imagine what the surface in the photo will feel like. Is it smooth, soft, hard or coarse? Does it look like the bark of a tree or the folds in a bed sheet?

Your task this month is to photograph texture and make the viewer feel what you are showing them. Although this subject matter works great with macro photography, try zooming out and capture a scene where the texture is the main subject matter, or combine different textures to make it interesting. Side lighting will usually give you the best results.

Play and have fun!!

4. Outing for June: Summerveld

Our outing will be on Saturday, the 23th of June to Summerveld where we will be able to capture the horses and the early morning sunrise. Taking photos of the moving horses at dawn is a challenge and you will gain a lot of experience during the outing.

More details to follow...


 See you at 7PM, Tuesday 19 June 2012!

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