Notice for Club Outing - Outing Postponed

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Hi everyone

The weather is just going from bad to worse so we have decided to postpone the outing until next Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There is however a consolation prize!! There is a dance exhibition tonight and tomorrow night at the City Hall in Durban and it promises to be great. Entry is free, but a donation will be most welcome.

From the website:
"The whole of Durban comes together with one goal, to unite in Dance.   Different dance styles, different beats, but one stage, one heart, and one vision, this will be a celebration of dance.   ”We are Durban” is hosting this Charity dance performance with the aim of giving back to the community that we live in.

Our message is clear; we love the people who are Durban!

Together lets create a city that is not only liveable but one that also cares!  Please join us and enjoy this fun-filled performance created just for you!"

Go to for more details.

Outing: Street Photography - People Mover Busses - Postponed

Photos by Anton Botha

Our Outing this Saturday will be a city shoot, using the People Mover Buses running in Durban. You pay a small fee for a day pass, can jump on the bus, and jump off where you want to shoot, jump on the next bus and head off to the next place. It is a brilliant way to get around town and everybody that attended the previous trips all loved it.

There will be loads to photograph, so we are giving you a challenge to shoot five subjects:
1. Me in the City

2. Architecture
3. Minimalist
4. Life's Pleasures
5. Story Telling

You must print one photograph for each subject and mount it on a board to be judged at the second meeting in October. Get your creative juices flowing and start thinking about how and what you want to shoot for each subject.

Photos by Anton Botha

Date: Saturday, 29 September 2012
Time: We board the bus at 2pm sharp so be there early
Price: R10 for day pass (prices may have changed)
Place: Meet at the bus stop at the Pirate's Life Saving building (parking lot next to Suncoast). We can decide where to grab some coffee afterwards.
Precautions: Please be aware of people around you and try to stay in groups of 3 or more. If you have to go somewhere on your own, then please tell someone so that we know where to find you if the need arises.

You can also contact:
Yvonne: 079 526 0692
Vanessa: 076 091 9825
Anton: 084 509 2024


 See you at 2PM, Saturday 29 September 2012!

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