Notice for meeting - 01 February 2011

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Hillcrest Camera Club - Notice for meeting - 01 February 2011

Hi everyone 

We hope your year has had a great start and that you are feeling inspired and creative. We can't wait to see some more great photography that we can share with everyone at the meetings. Let's see what is coming up in February.

1. Speaker

Our speaker for February is our very own Allan Jackson, who is one of the founding members. He is leaving our shores and will be emigrating to Australia, so this will be the last time he will give the club a talk. He will be speaking to us about his work, and the importance of sticking to a theme. His knowledge of photography spans many years and it will be worthwhile to come along and learn from his experiences.

2. Membership Fees  
Membership fees are due NOW. We encourage you to make prompt payment as this will assist the club with paying hall hire fees and other annual expenses. Thank you to those who have already made payment!

Membership fees 2011:
Single membership - R200
Family Membership - R300

* Please pay by EFT only. Please avoid making cash or cheque deposits, as these attract deposit fees, which the club has to pay. (Add on R15 to cover the fees, if you make a cash or cheque deposit.)
* Cash will be accepted at the meetings, however please bring the exact amount.

Bank Acc Details:
Standard Bank
Branch Code - 040026. Or use the universal branch code - 051001
Account No - 050146556
Sweet Deal cc
(Please use your name as a reference.)

3. Outing

The next outing will be a Photo Circuit on Saturday, 5th February. We are going to take a ride on the People Mover bus, through Durban and take photos of subjects specified by Harry and Allan. These photos will then be submitted for the second meeting in March. We will be giving you further details later.

Photo Circuit - a short explanation:
In the days of film cameras, they held competitions whereby you had to take photos of pre-selected subjects, such as buildings or statues, which were laid out in a circular course. You would arrive on the day and pay your entry fee, after which you are given 24 exposure slide film and a list of 12 subjects to photograph. You then had to photograph the subjects in a certain amount of time, but the trick was that you could only take 2 photos of each subject. Once you were done you handed in your film and the judges developed the slides. The person with the best overall photos was declared the winner. This forced you to think about your subject matter and how to best photograph it. Digital photography has made this process easier, but now we tend to only snap away and hope for a good photo, instead of thinking about it before pressing the shutter button. Hopefully this outing will bring back some good old habits.

4. Photo sharing - Tuesday 15th February 2011.

We will be sharing our photos, in the 'Photo Sharing' session.

Please submit your photos by email to:, or bring prints.
Email submission closes 8pm on Monday, 14th February, 2011.
You can submit photos for the Set Subject and Open categories. Please only submit 3 photos in total.
Size - Maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels, and not more than 600KB per photo. Please do not exceed this limit!!!!
Format - Jpeg or Tiff
Labelling - the file name of each photo must follow this format: Category - Your Name & Surname - Title of Photo
e.g. Set Subject - Andreas Feininger - The Two Headed Turtle Named Super Diamond.
Please make the subject line of the email "February photo submissions for 2nd meeting". This will make it easier for Andre to identify the emails and ensure that your photos will be added.
Please note: If your photo is incorrectly labelled, or named, and there is no subject line for the email, or it is sent after the deadline it will not be shown.

If you miss the deadline for emailing, you can submit photos at the meeting. However, please be considerate and come early. Out of consideration to those who have submitted timeously, we will no longer be accepting submissions after 7PM, once the meeting begins.

5. Set Subject

The set subject for February is 'Portrait taken with a single light source'.

For this task you are challenged to play around with a single light source, i.e. a torch, a flash, a bedside lamp, etc. and take note of how the type and position of the light changes a portrait. How does it change the mood, shadow and features of your model? Will you use a dim light to underexpose for a low key photo, or leave your shutter open for longer to show movement by blurring it? Will you use a bright light to overexpose for a high key photo, or freeze the image as the model flies through the air? Imagine the portrait and then try to create it.

Please take note that direct sunlight or window light may not be used.

6. Collection of photos from the exhibition.
Gwynne and Allan ask that you please collect your photos from them. There are quite a few still be collected and this will be the last opportunity to collect. The photos that are not collected at the meeting will be donated to the S.P.C.A. Thank you for your cooperation.

See you at 7PM, Tuesday 1st February! 

Photography Projects:

There's no excuse for not taking photos when it's raining! Here are two things you can do at home.

Take a Seat: Select a chair, table or any piece of furniture you use regularly. Spend 10 minutes simply looking at it: consider the form, texture and purpose of your object. Use this knowledge to create a considered still life. Repeat with other everyday items in your home.

Indulge Yourself: Shoot a series of self portraits, without appearing in any of the pictures. Think about the physical imprint you leave behind in your home: the indent on a bed, the hair in a brush, the leftover food on a plate and use these as you inspiration.

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