Notice for Outing - Saturday 23 June 2012

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Hi everyone

Outing for June: Summerveld

Our outing will be on Saturday, the 23th of June to Summerveld where we will be able to capture the horses and their riders as well as the early morning sunrise. Taking photos of the moving horses at dawn is a challenge and you will gain a lot of experience during the outing. Some of the trainers also like to pose so you can get some great people shots.

Photo Shooting Tips:

1.     Use your tripod and switch off your camera/lens stabilizer!! A tripod will help prevent blur in  your shots.

2.     If you want to try and get the fastest shutter speeds in the early morning, then set your camera to Aperture Priority, the largest aperture you can use such as f2.8 and the highest ISO.

3.     If it is dark, your camera may try to overexpose to lighten a dark scene. Use your exposure compensation to underexpose if this happens.

Please take note!!
These horses are expensive racehorses and are easily frightened. Although we are allowed to photograph the horses, any inconsiderate behaviour will jeopardise future outings for the club. To avoid any incidents where the horses or the trainers can be injured, please follow these rules.

1.     Do not use your flash at any time. Do not use your camera's basic modes, such as Auto/Portrait/Night Portrait, because these will automatically use the flash.

2.     Do not crouch near the horses.

3.     Do not make sudden movements that may frighten the horses.

4.     Do not walk in front of the horses.

5.     Do not go into the training areas, or on the paths that they use.

Dress warmly as it will be very cold! Bring some coffee and rusks to keep the cold at bay. We will go and have breakfast when our memory cards are full.

For some inspiration, go to Mark Tripp's website and get some ideas for the outing. It is worth a look.

Date: Saturday, 23 June 2012
Time: 5:30am
Directions: From Hillcrest, drive up Old Main Road towards Botha's Hill and turn left into Kassier Road. Drive over the M13 and over the N3. Drive past the Shongweni Dam turnoff and drive a further 2.1km. At the Summerveld and Jockey Academy signs, turn into the road on your right and drive up the hill. Drive through the white entrance gates and after about 80m take the lane on your left (if you go under the bridge you have gone too far). Follow the tree lined road to the parking area on the right, where we will meet.


 See you at 5:30AM, Saturday 23 June 2012!

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