Outing Details - Saturday 18 Feb 2012

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Hi everyone


The outing is to photograph the last day of the Dusi Canoe Race on Saturday, 18 February. We will take photos showcasing the preparation of the canoes for racing, the 6am start of the race and for those who are more adventurous, shots along the route to the finish at Blue Lagoon.

Date:                                                  Saturday 18 February 2012
Time:                                                 5am
Meet:                                                 Inanda Dam

Purpose of the outing :                        To capture the canoe race.
Type of photography to be done:       Action photography, panning, high speed shots, people photography  - expressions of canoeists, spectators, fans and family.

Subjects to Shoot:

  • Canoes lined up on the water’s edge
  • Racers preparing
  • Racers on the water
  • The start
  • Along the route


After the outing:                          
The race ends at Blue Lagoon, Durban. Members are encouraged to shoot along the route, and at the finish, but this is not obligatory. Please see the link for the route, to see where the spectators’ spots are. 
The Dusi site:
Links to Spectators Maps:  Inanda Dam to Finish:

Day 3 Spectator Points - please see the maps and work out for yourself where to go to get to the viewing points.
Start at Inanda dam
Tops Needle Rapid
Umzinyathi rapid
Burma Road take out
Little John rapid
Finish at Blue Lagoon


  • You are more than welcome to follow the race from any point, and end at the Blue Lagoon. Do what you feel comfortable with.
  • There might be a coffee meet up at some point, if we have enough people and interest.

If you run into problems, please contact one the following:
Vanessa – 076 091 9825      Anton - 084 509 2024     Harry - 082 576 0199
Yvonne - 079 526 0692     Gordon - 083 771 4242


  • Wear sunblock and a hat! 
  • Wear shoes that you don't mind getting wet and muddy!
  • Bring some dry clothes.
  • Bring water – might be far from cars or anywhere to buy water.

Please note that the photos must only be shown at the second meeting in March!!                                                                 

See you at the outing at 5AM, 18 February 2012!

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